• How to make an original nail polish?

    If you are tired of your old nail polish, or just want something new and unusual, then try to make an original cosmetic product at home.

    How can I make a lacquer at home?

    How to make a home nail polish? The most interesting ways are described below.

    Production of colored varnishes

    If you like bright colors, and you have a clear, white or varnish that has a discreet pale tint, then add color to it. The first method is the most common ink. You can purchase them in the office department or use a ball or gel pen that is available at home. But add such a dye carefully, so as not to "overdo it" and do not stain everything around.

    The second way to add varnish paints - the use of food dyes. With them, you can get almost any color: red, purple, blue, crimson, green or other. Change the intensity of the shade by increasing or decreasing the amount of dye.

    Try to make one varnish from several old ones by mixing them. You can connect the funds in a separate container, or you can use “native” bottles. Such experiments will make it possible to receive unusual tones.

    Fashionable Matt Varnishes

    From the usual glossy varnish, you can easily get a trendy matte. There are several options:

    • Starch. This product will give haze if a small amount is mixed with varnish. But it is advisable to prepare a little money for a single use, as in the case of adding starch to the vial the lacquer can thicken and lose its properties. And remember that the matte effect becomes noticeable after the coating is completely dry.
    • Loose powder. Pour a small amount of it into a bottle, stir the mass with a toothpick, and then actively shake the bottle for a couple of minutes to make the components fully connected.
    • If you have matte shadows, then use them instead of powder. Method of use is exactly the same.

    Pearlescent and shiny

    If you think that ordinary varnish lacks gloss, then add it with your own hands! And you can do this in several ways:

    • Use the cosmetic miku.It is a mica supplemented with mineral pigments and having a beautiful pearlescent shine, reminiscent of the glow of pearls. You can buy it either in specialized cosmetic departments, or in online stores. Mikes are usually sold in the form of shadow-like powders and can be added to a variety of cosmetics, including nail polishes.
    • Suitable dry glitter, which can be purchased in stores and departments of cosmetics or accessories for nail service and manicure. Pour the required amount into the bottle and shake it vigorously to evenly distribute the brilliant decorative elements.
    • Beautiful shine will add shining eyeshadow. But before adding them, you need to chop them thoroughly, for example, crush them with a spoon. Then gently pour the powder into the vial with lacquer and stir by vigorous stirring.

    Unusual glowing varnish

    Want to attract attention at the party and surprise everyone with glowing nails in the dark? Then make a bright lacquer and creative manicure. All that is needed is fluorescent acrylic paints, which are added to the varnish and give not only a new tone, but also a glow in the dark.And if you have an unusual neon gel pen, then just use its ink.

    There is another way. You must have seen glow sticks and bracelets, and if you have such an accessory, cut off one of its ends with scissors and squeeze the contents into a bottle of varnish. But the effect will not last long, so it is best to do a manicure just before the upcoming event.


    A few final recommendations:

    1. It is most convenient to add loose components to the varnish using a small funnel made of paper.
    2. Introduce supplements gradually to track changes and find the effect you want.
    3. If you are not sure that the result will impress you, then prepare a small amount of varnish and try it on the nails. If the effect is not impressive, continue the experiments.
    4. It is best to take high-quality and not very thick varnish as a basis, otherwise you will not be able to fully mix the mass and achieve the desired uniform consistency.
    5. You can transform not only the transparent varnish, which is an excellent base for bright experiments, but also white or any color. And as a result of experiments and trials you can get a completely incredible shade.
    6. Try to combine several shades.And if you do not mix them, you can get unusual effects and stunning original nail design with a gradient, interesting transitions and abstract patterns.
    7. Use multiple methods at the same time. So, giving the varnish an interesting shade with the help of the dye, you can add shine to it by adding sparkles to the mixture. Also try using starch after dyeing to get a bright matte finish.

    Using the methods described, you can make experiments at home and get an unusual and exclusive nail polish that you will not find in the store.

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