• How to make a video from the screen?

    Dmitry Ivanov
    Dmitry Ivanov
    January 15, 2013
    How to make a video from the screen?

    Many people met on the network videos taken from the PC screen, but not everyone knows what and how to make video from the screen and which programs to use for this. I will tell you how to do it easily.

    There are many programs that can capture video from the screen of your computer, for example, such as: FastStone Capture, Fraps, UVScreen Camera, Total Screen Recorder, Hyper Cam 2, Free Screen Video Recorder. All programs are not demanding on the system, so you can install them on any computer. I will choose the most convenient, in my opinion, FastStone Capture program and tell by its example how to make a video from a computer screen.

    After installing and running the program, to shoot a video, click on the button on the control panel called "video capture". This button looks like a film projector film, so you will not miss it. Then, the "video capture" parameters window will open, in which you select which capture area you should use (Window, rectangle area, full screen capture and full screen capture without taskbar).Having chosen the type of capture, click the "Record" button, and then left-click on the window from which you want to make a video so that it stands out. In the case of a rectangular grip, hold down the left mouse button and highlight the required area for shooting. For full-screen mode, nothing is pressed and highlighted.

    Then a window will appear with the parameters of the video, sound settings and to go directly to the process of shooting you just need to press the "Start" button. To pause (for temporary pause) or stop (full) video shooting, you need to go down to the capture area and click on the button that looks like a black square, or use the hot keys by pressing Ctrl + F11.

    After pressing the button or shortcut key, a menu will appear in which you can save your entry from the PC screen by clicking the "Save" button. In the window that appears, you give the name of your record file and save the record on your computer. Now you know to shoot video from a computer screen, save it, send it to friends or colleagues, share it on the Internet and much more.

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