• How to make a trap in Minecraft?

    To make the trap effective, we advise you to try using a liquid. We recommend to watch the same video as make a minecraft trap

    Cactus trap

    How to make a trap in minecraft? For it will need to dig a plot of 6 blocks, both long and wide.

    • In the central part, four more blocks should be dug; their depth will be 2 blocks.
    • Master the pit under the lid depth of 10 blocks.
    • Where the sun's rays will fall, we pour sand instead of the surface. There we are already starting to grow cacti in size with the room.
    • At the top, pour water right where the square was dug in the corners. So with the help of water a whirlpool is created and the griffer moves to the center of the site, under water, into a hole.
    • In the lower room at the edges and on the ceiling, you also need to pour water, so that there is nothing to breathe. When the griffer falls within, it will be completely submerged in the water and will be brought to the cacti by its flow. Cacti will be taken away from the power grip and it will be at the bottom. The air will gradually end and the trap will be an insurmountable obstacle from which it will be impossible to get out.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the cactus trap

    The advantage of such a trap is its stealth, and once in it, it is impossible to get out. However, if you learn to do this, you can create a room inside the pool and use it as a shelter.

    The downside, perhaps, is that if the cacti break the base, then it will be easier to get out of the water. After the griffer dies, all items that belong to its inventory, and fell on the cacti, will be destroyed. Also, this trap is very difficult to make.

    Lava trap under the tree

    This trap was specially invented for smart woodcutters, who act very cautiously. They do not cut down the base of the tree right away, but only after the rest of the tree has been cut down. We build this trap like this:

    • Cut down the 2 lower blocks of wood.
    • Under them, dig a hole 3 blocks deep.
    • Pour the lava to the bottom.
    • Put the trees and blocks in place.

    The advantages and disadvantages of a lava trap under a tree

    The advantages can also be called stealth and ease of manufacture, as well as the guaranteed destruction of the gripper.

    The downside is the inability to pick up the equipment of the victim. The trap is also ineffective for ordinary loggers, who immediately cut down the tree at the base. This trap can be called more for players than for griefers.

    Airlock trap

    For the manufacture of this trap you need a lot of time and ingenuity, but it is worth it, because it is dangerous for griffers. But, keep in mind that even the construction process itself is not safe for a builder. The trap cannot be used as a mine in an open area and it takes up a lot of space.

    • We make walls and floors from bulk materials.
    • In the middle of the passage put any block. You should hang a torch on the side of it so that the wall closes it.
    • We make an airlock system that starts with this torch.
    • We build a "bath" with water at the top so that when activated, the activation opens the drain for water.
    • We dig a drain for water down to reach the level of the lower torch.
    • At this level, we set the blocks so that the water will demolish the torch and activate the lower airlock.
    • In order for the water to wash away the torch, put blocks in the figure on the player’s place, then the water will reach the torch.
    • It is necessary to make another airlock under the sandy floor.
    • Dig a deep hole and think in advance a disguised exit through which we will rake sand, etc.
    • Next, "sweep tracks" at the top.
    • The principle of the trap is as follows - the griffer walks through the tunnel and after hitting the bait breaks a block. This activates the airlock mechanism and the whole room falls down.Griffer also falls down and dies.

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