• How to make a transformer from Lego?

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    How to make a transformer from Lego?

    Various constructors are a great way to take a child for several hours. In addition, they develop figurative thinking and allow you to create almost any thing from the basic elements. For example, you can make a tank of Lego or build a whole city. In addition, there are designers that allow you to create unique operating models, as well as program their interaction with the environment. Such a toy will appeal to even adults.

    Designer Lego, thanks to a wide range of a wide variety of thematic sets and a huge number of building elements, is ideal for creating various transformers and robots that will not leave indifferent any child.

    How to make a transformer out of Lego?

    To begin with, you will need a standard Lego set consisting of a set of rectangles and squares. In addition, you can take advantage of parts from sets such as Lego City, etc.They will allow you to build a whole city with shops, a workshop, a fire department and various additional elements, as well as make weapons from Lego for your transformer.

    The process of assembling a transformer robot:

    1. Take a large rectangle or square that will act as a platform for assembling and fixing the transformer (it must be wide enough to hold the robot);
    2. Now take 2 pieces of the constructor, which consist of at least six cells in length and two in width (they will be required for the toy's feet);
    3. Place both rectangles in the middle of the platform parallel to each other;
    4. If your kit has segments with beveled edges, then install 2 pieces in front of the rectangles (feet) on the front side of the transformer;
    5. Next, you need to collect the legs of the robot, this will require square segments of the constructor, which must be installed on each other in the back of the foot;
    6. After you set about 4 cubes in height, you need to put one rectangular segment on each leg to indicate the knees;
    7. Next, put another 2 square pieces of the designer on each leg;
    8. After that, you need to make the base of the body of a long rectangle, connecting the tops of both legs;
    9. If you have complete parts of a designer with wheels, you can install them on the base of the body;
    10. Now you need to collect the body of 4-5 long rectangles;
    11. Next, you need to put a large square cube in the center of the body, it will act as a head (if there is a special head for the robot in the set, you can use it);
    12. To the right and left of the head position along a long and narrow rectangle;
    13. At the base of the rectangles, lock one block at a time with the wheel;
    14. Transformer ready!

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