• How to make a waist thin?

    In the modern world of fast foods, quick snacks and bad habits it is incredibly easy to accumulate “excess fat” on the body, lose physical fitness, and also attractiveness. Very often, people with a similar problem quickly lose any hope and just continue to go with the flow.

    If you have repeatedly tried to get rid of extra kilos, then know - with the help of this article you can achieve results in a short period and fix it forever. Today we will learn how to make the waist thin correctly and quickly.

    How to make the waist very thin: the basic principle

    Nowadays, it has become very popular to be mistaken that only with the help of exercises you can lose weight. In fact, physical training will make your body stronger, but it will not be fast enough to consume your adipose tissue. That is why it is possible so often to meet a situation where a person has been engaged in a gym for a long time, and the visible result is not visible. If you really want to get rid of excess folds in the abdomen, then you need to pay attention to the term calorie deficiency.

    The basic principle of calorie deficiency lies in the fact that the ratio of calories burned a person was more than the ratio of calories consumed. According to this method, you can easily drop half a kilogram per week. All that is needed for such results is to establish a caloric deficit of around 3,850 calories. The ideal option to start is to simply reduce the number of calories consumed by 500-800.

    But it is worth remembering about security. If you reduce your daily calorie intake to 900, then your body begins to go into starvation mode, and as a result of this phenomenon, you begin to experience corresponding feelings. If you start starving your body, then the metabolism will slow down significantly, and this in turn will lead to a significant slowdown in the process of dissolution of fat cells.

    The most effective way to lose weight is to combine certain physical exercises and diets based on calorie deficit. Combinations of these two techniques will provide fast, reliable and long-lasting results.

    How to make a thin waist: exercises

    1. The first in the ranking of the most effective exercises is training, consisting of the usual intensive walking. Try to give intensive walking at least 20-30 minutes a day.According to research for several months in this way you can lose about 25% fat in the press.
    2. No less useful for the "persecution" of fat from the press are the usual twisting. In order to perform such exercises do not need any special props or titanic efforts. Just lay your back on the mat near the wall (to avoid injury), bend your knees, put your feet on the wall. When doing twists, cross your arms over your chest, strain your press and lift your head and shoulders a little for 2-3 seconds. Watch your breathing carefully. This exercise should be performed about 10 times.
    3. We can not forget about the reverse twisting. This exercise is identical to what is mentioned above and has only one difference - here you need to raise your legs and keep your hands on the floor. Such training will help to quickly pump up the lower part of the press. Try to combine the approaches of normal and reverse twisting.
    4. In order to strengthen the rectus abdominis muscles, the exercise “bicycle” is ideal. To perform this exercise, you should lay your back on the mat, and your hands should be closed behind your head. Next, you need to raise your legs at a 45 degree angle and try to pull your shoulders off the floor.Try to bend your left leg, turn your upper body to the right and stretch your elbow to your knee. Alternately change sides. It is advisable to observe a slow pace, do about 15 lifts in one go.
    5. Exercise "bar". To begin, assume the “face to floor” position. Bend your elbows in front of you, and touch the floor with your forearms. Try to lift your body and balance with your forearms and toes. Be sure to keep your body level, hold on in a similar rack for 20 seconds. Do each exercise intermittently. Over time, you can hold out for about 1 minute in a similar position.

    These exercises are perfect for both professionals and beginners. If you find the strength to resist indifference and laziness, then you will definitely find a beautiful and healthy body. It is obvious that the physical state changes not only the material world of a person, but also the mental one.

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