• How to make a speech?

    One of the most important elements in evaluating a person is voice. Most often, if we are pleased, as a person says, we will like and communicate with him, and we will listen with pleasure to him. Therefore, competently delivered speech and, moreover, beautiful - this is the key to success in any communication - at least personal, even businesslike. And often she even attracts attention and presents a person in a winning light compared to those who do not know how to competently build their speech. But how to deliver a speech? Almost everyone can cope with this task - you just need to perform certain exercises, which we will now tell you about.

    How to put the right speech

    The basic rule here is regular reading. If you have a very bad speech, you need to read out loud for at least 20-30 minutes a day. This simple exercise will help you cope with such unnecessary features as constraint and self-doubt, as well as you will acquire the necessary skills. Reading out loud, you will surely teach yourself and speak out loud, but with the difference that it will be a beautiful literary speech, and not a simple spoken language.Of course, for reading out loud it is best to pick up fiction of classical samples, which is full of expressive means of the language. Usually the most fastidious listeners are children, therefore, if they are in your house, this is simply wonderful. If children are attentively listening to you, then, in fact, you have nothing to worry about, although this does not at all mean that you no longer need to improve your skill of correct speech. This must be done constantly. Well, and, of course, read more and regularly, so that the skill of correct pronunciation is not lost. And now about another good way to put a competent speech.

    Choose a sample

    Choose a person whose voice and nature of speech you like. It is best to choose from leading television or radio, since these people are specially trained in correct speech. After choosing, start him (or her) to imitate. To do this, record the voice of the presenter and your voice and compare the result. Particular attention should be paid to the pronunciation of consonants, because the “clumsy” speech looks precisely because of their incorrect pronunciation. Most often, a kind of “porridge” is observed in the mouth, because of which a person begins to mumble and speak inarticulately.Comparing the pronunciation of consonant sounds, you will see the flaws that need to be corrected in order to succeed.

    How to deliver a speech - tongue twisters

    The tongue twisters, which need to be pronounced as quickly and clearly as possible, help very well. Choose the patter where the most difficult to pronounce sounds are found. For example, the statement of such sounds as “b”, “p”, “g” and “k” is facilitated by a patter: “The bull was dull, the bull was bull’s lip was dull”, for whistling and sizzling “s” and “w "No less famous patter," Sla Sasha was on the highway and sucked drying, "and so on. Of course, you need to start with simple tongue twisters (as mentioned above), and then gradually move to more complex ones. By the way, for greater effect, you can pronounce tongue twisters and / or read with your mouth full. Nuts are well suited for this purpose, only it is best to fill your mouth with peeled hazelnuts, or, if they are not peeled, then at least wash them before occupation. Well, a few more useful recommendations. When talking, you do not need to clench your teeth, since such a position of the teeth does not allow one to clearly pronounce the words, and this can lead to misunderstanding by others.And finally, try to communicate regularly and regularly increase your vocabulary (especially with the help of reading). Very often, people cannot find the right words, replacing them with various not-too articulate sounds like “mmm”, “uh”, “ummm”, etc. It sounds and looks from the side of not too visually, believe me, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.

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