• How to make a scarecrow on carnival with their own hands?

    It is impossible to imagine Pancake Week without pancakes on fresh milk and, of course, stuffed. On this holiday, various celebrations and feasts are prepared, which end with the burning of stuffed Shrovetide, which you cannot buy in a regular store. In order to figure out how to make a scarecrow at Shrovetide with your own hands, let's imagine what it can be made of.

    It should be noted that a scarecrow can be made from paper, straw and even from an old large doll.

    Paper effigy

    In order to make a scarecrow on a carnival with their own hands from paper, it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

    • cardboard,
    • bright ribbons
    • old magazines and newspapers,
    • toilet paper
    • two wooden bars of different length,
    • old clothes
    • paints,
    • wire,
    • the rope
    • markers and markers.

    You can make a small and large doll. It should be noted that even a child can make a small doll. Let's get down to making it.

    To begin with, we connect two small strips of cardboard crosswise with the help of threads. Then we wrap it with toilet paper in the joint area and make a head. Cut out a white paper dress for a stuffed animal, and make an apron out of paper of a different color. After this, we “dress” a scarecrow and bandage the apron with a bright ribbon. Cut a small square out of paper and glue it on the head of the doll as if you were tying a real scarf to it. Relive your scarecrow, draw a face with the help of multi-colored markers.

    To make a big doll, you should go through the following steps:

    1. First, we join in the form of a cross two wooden bars, fix them with wire;
    2. We take the old newspapers and magazines, and make of them a ball that will perform the function of the head, then we attach the ball with ropes and wire.
    3. Wrap your head and neck stuffed toilet paper;
    4. We dress the doll with an old women's shirt and skirt, then we fill the shirt with paper.
    5. After that, using a marker, make the doll a human face: draw eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks.

    Effigy from straw

    If you want to make a scarecrow on a carnival with your own hands from straw, then prepare:

    • large amounts of straw (if you do not have it, use brooms or dry grass),
    • two dry wooden beams,
    • light canvas bag for the head and hands,
    • shawl and dress
    • nitrate diluted with water.

    Straw scarecrow is made on the principle of garden scarecrow.

    1. We connect two wooden bars crosswise.
    2. We tie the straw with ropes to the base, creating a stuffed body.
    3. We put straw in a bag and tie or sew it from the bottom. Then put the bag on the stuffed head and tie it with a rope. Tie a bright scarf over the burlap.
    4. Put a shirt and a skirt on the doll. And if the grass begins to crumble from below, sew the lower part of the skirt.
    5. To create hands, use 2 small linen bags stuffed with straw. Tie them to the ends of the short beam and cover this connection with the sleeves of your shirt to imitate the real upper limbs.
    6. Draw a face to your beauty: a ruddy cheek, red lips, while eyes are drawn, as usual, with closed eyes.
    7. If you have a yellowish fabric, cut out long strips of the same size and braid two braids that are sewn under the kerchief.
    8. We saturate our stuffed niter and dry well.
    9. We burn a scarecrow on the last day of Shrovetide.

    In order to properly make a stuffed carnival and not harm yourself and the environment, consider the following:

    1. Do not use ordinary scotch tape, it emits harmful substances when burned;
    2. Do not dress the scarecrow into clothes made from fabrics with an unpleasant odor, since during the feast the children will drive round dances;
    3. Do not place an effigy near a residential building to avoid fire;
    4. Extinguish all the embers and clean up after themselves.

    If you want to make a stuffed carnival with your own hands from paper or straw, but fear that you will not succeed, use a video or photo that will be your visual instruction.

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