• How to make a salute in Minecraft?

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    How to make a salute in Minecraft?

    Many in the process of playing Minecraft are interested not only in the practical side of the hero’s actions, but also in the aesthetic side of the virtual world. Among the most popular and enjoyable entertainment can be distinguished salutes. Let's understand how to make a salute in Minecraft.

    Instructions for creating a salute


    In order to make a salute in the game, we need the following components: gunpowder, paper and stars. Read about how to get gunpowder in our article How to Make Gunpowder in Minecraft. Paper can be crafted from three units of reed placed in one row in the inventory. Asterisks are crafted from gunpowder and dyes.


    First kraft with powder and paper rocket. The rocket serves to launch salute into the sky. In this case, the more parts of the powder you use to craft a rocket, the higher it will take off. However, the salute itself must be crafted separately and invested in this rocket. The beauty and splendor of the salute will depend on the stars.You can craft a simple star by adding a dye to the powder. If one more dye is added to the already finished star, it will change color in the course of the explosion.

    If in the process of creating an asterisk on the first circle of the craft, add some additional elements to it, then the salute will become more effective. We take gunpowder, dye and anything else and get the following modifications:

    • diamond - make the salute leave a brighter mark;
    • pen - make the explosion more chaotic;
    • light dust - will add flicker to the fireworks;
    • gold nugget - turns the firework particles into stars in shape;
    • mob head - salute will be exactly in the form of this head;
    • fireball - will make fireworks more extensive.

    In any star, you can add up to 8 additional ingredients at the first craft (no more than three modifiers, the rest is dyes).

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