• How to make a rose from beads?

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    How to make a rose from beads?

    The rose made of beads looks spectacular and elegant, and the manufacturing process itself is quite interesting. It should be noted that the rose can be made not only from beads, but also from ribbons or from fabric.

    Making roses from beads

    Carefully study this master class of making roses from beads and you will be able to create a unique product. For one flower you will need:

    • 30 m claret wire, diameter 0.4 mm;
    • 4 m gold wire, diameter 0.4 mm;
    • 90 cm aluminum wire, diameter 4 mm;
    • 150 g burgundy cuttings №10;
    • 30 g of gold beads No. 11;
    • yellow sewing thread;
    • clear acrylic glue.

    Do not save on the purchase of beads, as cheap beads have an uneven size and shape, which makes the finished product sloppy.


    The rose will consist of five layers of petals. For work use claret wire and cabin. After all the necessary material is ready, we begin to weave a rose of beads.

    1. For the first layer of petals, we will use two pieces of wire: working and axial.Measure out 10 cm of wire. This will be our axis. Put 1-2 m of beads on the working wire. No need to cut it off the coil.Rose BeadPull back from the top end of the 4 cm axial wire and wrap the free end around it.
    2. At the top end of the axial wire type 5 beads. This will be the middle of the petal.
    3. Now start tightly wrapped around the middle of the working wire. Each time, crossing the axis at a right angle, make one turn around it. Your petal should consist of 5 arcs on each side.
    4. Briefly trim the upper end of the axle and gently tuck it in the direction of the other side of the future, and bend the lower end to the left at a right angle.
    5. Bend the petal slightly perpendicular to the core.
    6. Make three such petals and form a bud, putting them in one another.Rose Bead
    7. Wind the bud with yellow threads to the aluminum wire. Its length should correspond to the desired size of the stem.
    8. For the second layer you will need 3 petals. They are woven almost the same with the first layer, but consist of 9 arcs. The differences are that it is necessary to retreat 5 cm from the end of the axial wire, and it should be crossed at an acute angle. So your petals will get sharp shape. There is another feature.The first four rows are woven in such a way that the working wire wraps around the axial top (front row), and the last five - from the bottom (back row).
    9. Bend the petal parallel to the axis and slightly bend the upper tip.
    10. One by one, overlapped, we wind the petals to our bud. Do this so that the ends of the petals of the second layer are higher than the first.
    11. Weave the third tier of petals. We follow the same rules as in paragraphs.Rose Bead8-10. But we wind the working wire, retreating 6 cm from the upper end. For the middle we collect 4 beads and make 5 face and 5 purl arcs.
    12. For the fourth row you will need to make 4 petals. They weave on two axes, on the right you need to dial one bead, on the left - two. From the upper end of the axes it will be necessary to retreat 7 cm. Further technology is the same as for the petals of the second and third tiers, but after each circle add one bead to the axial wires. There should be a total of 8 face tours and 5 purl.
    13. The fifth row will consist of 4 petals, each of which is woven on 3 axes. To begin with, we collect three beads on the left wire, two on the middle wire and one on the right one.We retreat from the upper ends of the axes of 8 cm and begin to create 15 circles of 8 facial and purl, after each round adding on the axis of one bead. After 3-4 rounds, cut off the lower end of one of the axes.

    Tip: to keep the petals on the stalk better, add a little acrylic glue to the place of their attachment.

    Manufacture of sepals and leaves

    We proceed to the manufacture of sepals. For them, you will need gold wire and similar colored beads.

    1. On an axial wire (10 cm) we gather 6 cm of beads. For the sepals will rule: all the upper rows should be purl, and the bottom - the front.
    2. Make a round around the middle one as we did when making the petals. Now reduce the number of beads on the working wire by 1 cm. After that, it is necessary to cut off the working wire fromRose Beadcoils. The length of the remaining free end is 25 cm.
    3. Pass the end of the working wire between the axis and the arc so that it fits tightly to it.
    4. Wind the wire around the arc, thereby returning it to the outside. String on a working wire of beads and wind it around an axis, making an arc.Similarly, make the opposite part of the sepal.
    5. For one rose requires 5 sepals. Each of them bend so that it repeats the contour of the outer petals. Alternately tie them to the stalk with yellow threads.
    6. In the same way, you can make several leaves and attach them to the stem. At the very end we wrap the stalk with yellow threads.

    This scheme will help you to make a beautiful rose from beads.

    Now you know how to make a rose from beads.

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