• How to make a profile?

    Suppose that you personally, or the company in which you work, needed to know the opinion of people about a particular issue or product. The most common and easy option - this polls. Sociological polls are conducted in several ways. You can conduct polls on the street, on the Internet, or hire a team of people who will go home and ask questions to different people. To conduct a sociological survey on general topics (for example, living standards, transportation, mobile communications, the Internet, etc.), you should interview representatives of various groups, so if you are interested in the opinion of citizens about a drink, you should also ask young children and adolescents, and workers, and retirees. The main key to conducting a competent and effective sociological survey is a correctly composed questionnaire. Thanks to him, it is possible to find out the opinion of people about the product or service of interest. Let's try to figure out how to create a questionnaire questionnaire.

    First steps

    To begin with, you will have to decide what the purpose of your survey is, how to create a questionnaire, what kind of audience is interested in you. All the little things that you might not have thought about are important. What matters is weight, height, gender, age, marital status, social status, place of work, sphere of work, sphere of priorities and interests. After all, how to make a profile correctly, not knowing the opinion of what type of people you are interested in?

    At the beginning of the questionnaire indicate general data (name, surname, age, place of residence, place of birth, nationality, citizenship, marital status, education). Then, depending on the purpose of your survey, you can enter clarifying questions, such as external data (height, weight, hair color, eye color), field of activity, etc.

    Transition from words to action

    Now it's time to start writing specific questions that interest you. This should be approached with all the responsibility, because the wrong questions - money and time to the wind. It is necessary to take into account the fact that respondents are mostly always in a hurry and too many questions will simply bother them, and too few questions will not give you detailed answers.If you still do not know how to create a survey questionnaire, then you should first begin to clearly imagine what you want to know. If, for example, you want to know the respondent's opinion about detergent, then there will be unnecessary questions about politics, but questions related to his health, social status and marital status are very important.

    Questions are of several types: research questions, clarifying, suggestive and general.

    Research questions - questions directly about the object of interest. For example, "Do you use the services of the company X?" Or "Do you like the orange juice of the company U?". Clarifying questions will help you understand the answers to research questions. Examples of clarifying questions: "Why do not you like the products of the company X?" Or "The better the products of company U, than the same juice produced by company H?". Thanks to these answers you can understand why a person chooses or does NOT choose your product.

    In conclusion, you should ask a few generalizing questions. Try to make your profile readable and interesting. In order to facilitate the respondent’s case, you can offer several options for answers, but be sure to leave a box for your own option.

    Questionnaires to order

    Some companies are engaged in the preparation of professional questionnaires, as well as conducting such surveys directly. Employees of such companies are well aware of how to create a questionnaire for a client, that is, for you. You can order a survey in such a company. Naturally, professionals have much more experience and means to conduct a competent survey. You just have to set a goal before the experts and agree on a budget. Indeed, even in this, at first glance, an easy matter, there are many nuances. For example, before conducting the main survey, you should conduct a blitz survey that will indicate all the shortcomings and shortcomings of your questionnaire and general policy. To conduct such a blitz survey, it is enough to interview five to ten percent of the total estimated number of respondents.

    Opinion polls

    If your goal is to find out the opinion not about a particular product, but about the social status or preferences of a particular social group, then there will already need a greater number of clearly designed and thought-out questions. All details are important.It should be asked about the financial situation, education, political views, etc. You can also ask to name your favorite manufacturers of essential products.

    The main purpose of surveys, regardless of whether you are a commercial organization that is interested in the opinion of buyers about their own products or a public organization engaged in research - to get the opinion of the public. Just do not forget that when conducting surveys it is better not to choose people in a hurry who can answer questions without any thought, just to finish the poll as quickly as possible.

    To conduct even a small survey, you should include at least 100 people in the group of respondents, if your organization has the appropriate capabilities, the best option is to interview 1,000 or more people, this way you will get the most complete picture. Naturally, all people should choose different ages and taking into account other signs that are necessary for your research. We talked about how to create a sociological questionnaire and how to conduct a survey, but if you have additional questions, then you will get the best answers from specialists who will show you how to create a questionnaire, an example of a questionnaire, and so on.

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