• How to make a perpetual motion machine?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    April 4, 2013
    How to make a perpetual motion machine?

    The question of creating a perpetual motion machine has worried a person, perhaps, ever since the ancient savage ran out of firewood and was too lazy to go for new ones. He began to dream, "Now, if one log burned forever ..." Such an ever-burning twig is an abstract example of a perpetual motion machine. Modern people, far from being savages, still think about how to create a perpetual motion machine. And if you get away from concrete examples, the perpetual motion machine is a system that does more useful work than the amount of energy that was communicated to it. And if we transfer part of the output energy to the input of the same system, we get an engine that runs without fuel, in other words, the perpetuum mobile of the first kind.

    Early attempts to create

    Over the centuries, many theoretical hypotheses have been advanced on how to assemble a perpetual motion machine. The earliest mentions are the idea of ​​the Indian mathematician Bhaskara, a wheel with obliquely fixed flasks not fully filled with mercury.According to the laws of the lever, such a wheel had to constantly rotate due to rolling of mercury in the flasks. The idea did not justify itself - those flasks where mercury is closer to the center of the wheel turned out to be more, and they balanced the rest. The wheel did not think to move. After it there were gear wheels with weights, a flask with water, which had to constantly push out the light body and thereby rotate the generator, but all in vain.

    Theoretical refutation

    The basic tenets of physics state that the existence of such a machine is impossible. That is what the first law of thermodynamics asserts, formulated by physicists in the nineteenth century, asserts. And indeed, if you think about it, the perpetual motion machine constantly spends energy doing work. But energy from outside is not supplied to him himself - there is no fuel. And it turns out that energy is extracted from nowhere. And the impossibility of this is the law of conservation of energy, one of the theses, without which our Universe would not exist, or, at least, it would be arranged differently. After all, nothing is created from nowhere and nothing disappears without a trace.

    Current state of affairs

    Today in the World Information Network there are lots of video instructions on how to make a perpetual motion machine at home. But all this is deception and staging.In any, even the most immaculate at first glance, the project of the perpetual motion engine, there will be some nuance that will turn all advantages into dust. Of course, you should not completely quit trying. Despite the fact that the perpetual motion or its similarity was never created, the result of the attempts was several models of pseudo-end engines, which, although they did not take energy from nowhere, but worked with high efficiency. In other words, a very small portion of the fuel was used for the operation of the engine itself, most of the resource was spent on useful work.

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