• How to make a paper crown?

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    How to make a paper crown?

    Today, it’s not a problem to dress up your child for the New Year, thanks to the huge number of various ready-made costumes that can be easily purchased at any store in the city. But, the search for a unique outfit will lead to the addition of some important elements, such as a crown, a magic wand. It is not necessary to buy them in the store, it is best to make the crown of a real princess yourself.

    You can use different materials to create the crown, depending on the image being created. It could be a lace crown for a beautiful princess, and a strong, shaped wire crown decorated with tinsel. But the simplest option for creating a crown at home is to use paper or cardboard. When asked how to make a crown out of paper, the only answer is: easy. Creating this attribute for a suit does not take much time, and moreover, it can be an interesting activity for both the parent and the child who can contribute their role in some simple moments of work.

    How to make a paper crown quickly

    Before you decide how to make a paper crown, you need to decide on the materials that will be useful in the process. We list them: paper or cardboard, a roll of foil, scissors, glue, a pencil and a centimeter. But, in addition to the basic components, various decorations may be required.

    • At the first stage of work you will need to measure the girth of the head of the future king or queen.
    • The second stage consists in drawing on paper a rectangle of a certain length and width. The length of the figure will depend on the measurements of the head with the addition of two or three cm. The width is the height of the future crown, which must be determined in advance. Usually, the width is 8-10 cm.
    • After the rectangle is depicted on paper, departing from it about 4 cm, it is necessary to draw an additional line, from it we will draw cloves from it to the very edges. The size of the teeth can be drawn the same or make them slightly larger in height, some of them, for example, central ones. But, if desired, the crown can be left without teeth.
    • The next step is to cut out the base of the crown from paper and fold it on foil or wrapping paper, then cut out according to the model.The last of the main stages will be gluing, using glue, paper and foil on the upper and lower borders of the two strips.

    Other web resources

    There is a lot of information on how to make a cardboard crown on the Internet with detailed schemes. For example, you will find detailed information.

    The crown of such material is very convenient in the sense that you can experiment with it, decorating and painting it to your own taste and at the request of the child. How to make a beautiful crown even more beautiful? Your princess will help you, together with her you will be able to pick up various beads, sparkles or rhinestones. Also, such a crown can be decorated with colored pencils or felt-tip pens. The easiest way to create a crown that suits your outfit is to use wrapping paper, which can be the right colors and even with ready-made patterns.

    In order to surprise your daughter with a beautiful crown, you can watch a video on how to make a paper crown.

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