• How to make a two-room apartment?

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    How to make a two-room apartment?

    Owners of odnushek often begin to think about the alteration of a one-room apartment in a two-room, when they have a family. Living with your spouse and child in a one-room apartment is somewhat inconvenient, so let's look at ways to make living more comfortable.

    Apartment layout

    The source material for the work on redevelopment is always howApartment layoutdistributed the total area of ​​your apartment between the rooms. In panel houses built in the late 1990s and early 2000s, one-bedroom apartments had approximately the same layout. The whole room was divided in half, one half was a living room, and in the second there was an entrance hall, a kitchen and a combined bathroom between them.

    In more modern houses, the layout of a one-room apartment is when there is a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom along two walls.and the living room takes up the rest of the space.

    Ways of a one-room apartment to make a two-room

    First of all, in order to make it easier for you to make a two-room apartment from your one-room apartment, you can consult with those who have an apartment of a similar layout, watch photos and videos on the Internet, use designers. Often, such redevelopment can be done without global changes to walls and partitions. Consider the universal techniques, using which you can get in the property "two-room", without changing the apartment.

    Room dividersPartition

    If the living room in the apartment is quite large, then you can use the simplest method of reworking a one-room apartment into a two-room one — the device of partitions. These partitions can be very easily made of a wooden frame and sheets of drywall. Read more about this in our article: How to divide a room into two ?.

    Moving the kitchen

    An increase in rooms in a one-room apartment is most often necessary after the birth of a child, and a new children's room is often made from the kitchen. The very same kitchen is transferred to the living room.This may seem to be somewhat inconvenient, but in fact it is a very popular and modern planning method, which has long been successfully used in Europe and overseas.

    Usually, the kitchen is carried to the wall in which the entrance door is located. Zone fencingMoving the kitchenKitchen and living room can be made using the sofa, countertops or bar counter. The latter option is the most popular, since the bar counter can be used as a dining table, at which parents can comfortably sleep with their children.

    Use of balcony

    A balcony is the space that will allow you to most successfully make a one-bedroom apartment from a one-room apartment, since it can be used as a workplace or a continuation of the parents' sleeping area. However, with any use of the balcony it must be well insulated and it is desirable to install underfloor heating. You also need to make a podium on which you can put a bed with a partial use of the balcony area. This will help to isolate the bed and make the living room more comfortable.

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