• How to make a flower garden?

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    How to make a flower garden?

    The best decoration of any garden is a flower garden created by you. Of course, you can make this request to any landscape firm, but the services of such organizations is not a cheap pleasure. Our article will tell how to make a flower garden.

    First, decide what colors you would like to fill in a flower garden. Be sure to study the properties of the selected plants: requirements for soil, light and moisture.

    Types of flower beds

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    The border of flowers is a long strip, the optimal width of which does not exceed half a meter. In such flower beds planted low plants of the same length. The best place for breeding are garden paths.


    It is a long flower garden in the form of a rectangle, whose width is from half a meter to two. For filling, perennials are commonly used.


    This flower garden often has an irregular shape. The basis of the flower bed are perennial flowers. If necessary, you can dilute the composition with annual or woody plants, such as dogrose, barberry, etc.

    In the case when you make a mixed flower garden, pick flowers that are similar in terms of care.

    This type of flower can be erected as an independent decoration of the garden, and in combination with decorative elements, for example, with artificial ponds, shrubs, etc.

    The idea to design a simple beautiful flower garden

    • First you need to decide on the location of the flower bed. Ideally, choose a place that is clearly visible on your site;
    • Next, you need to make a scheme of the future flower garden on paper: draw the desired shape of the composition, and also paint it in the required colors.

    As an example, you are offered the following solution for a flower garden consisting of three beds

    1. The first flowerbed will have a simple view - they will be planted in a circleFlower gardenthe following plants: in the middle of the composition tulips will be located, then daffodils, the next circle of hyacinth flowers, and the flowerbed will be closed.
    2. The second flowerbed will have a more complex pattern: in the middle we will plant irises, and the second circle will alternate such flowers as pansies, marigolds, calendula, ageratum and lobelia.
    3. Flowers for the third flowerbed, we will plant around a decorative stone or a small sculpture. In a chaotic manner, land asters, chrysanthemums, crocus and cyclamen.

    Having thus landed three beds next to each other, you will get a simple and beautiful version of a flower garden.

    For tips on creating flower beds, see our article How to make a flower bed.

    Unusual flower beds with their own hands

    If you do not want to mess with the flower beds, but there is a desire to decorate the garden, then you can get by with the creation of small but original flower beds.

    • Look for stumps from the old tree and plant flowers inside.Flower gardenpetunias;
    • Unpretentious plants can be planted in ordinary containers and put them in the center of the garden. To give a rustic look, wrap the containers in sackcloth;
    • Plastic containers of flowers can also be placed in wicker baskets;
    • Engage in work unnecessary items: barrels, bicycles, old car. Plant small shrubs of creeping flowers into the interior.

    Planting flowers

    • Before you plant the selected plants, mark the boundaries of the future flower garden. For this you can use small wooden pegs;
    • Next, you need to prepare the soil: clean it from weeds, moisten and add fertilizer;
    • If the flower bed has the shape of a figure, then the planting of flowers begins from the middle;
    • The distance between rows of flowers should be no more than half a meter;
    • Take care of decorating the flower bed: prepare a variety of decorative figures, figurines, garden toys, etc.

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