• How to make a flower ribbon?

    Flowers from ribbons do both simple and difficult at the same time. If you have a three-dimensional vision, experience with fabric, ribbons, beads, then making flowers from ribbons will not seem very difficult. You can tell how to make a flower out of a ribbon, but it's better to see it. There are many master classes in the Internet space telling how to make flowers from ribbons. In this article, given the technology that will help you navigate the huge number of video stories on this topic.

    Rose from satin ribbon

    The main technology of making roses is known to us since childhood. It is necessary to take a ribbon, and the width can be any, depending on what size you want to get a rose. If this is a flower on a wedding glass, then take a width of 0.5 cm, if it is a rose on a car, then 5 cm will be small. You also choose the color of the ribbon to your taste, as long as the flower is in harmony with the place where you attach it. The length of the tape is from 40 cm (narrow tape) to 1.5 meters with a wide tape. Fold the tape in half at an angle of 45 degrees. One end looks down, the other to the left.Now we shift the lower end upward, holding the middle with the hand. The left end is shifted to the right. Then the top one goes down, and the right one goes to the left. And so, until the tape runs out. As a result, you get such a multi-layered square. Now we take the square with our left hand, and with the right pulls one end of the tape down, pulling it out of our design. You will see when you need to stop pulling. The rose will be voluminous, with the right amount of petals. Then you need to firmly twist the base of the rose with a thread, cut off the excess tape. Now you can attach the rose to the surface to be decorated.

    Wide ribbon flower

    In this case, you need half a meter of tape. Take a thread of the same color as the ribbon, insert it into the needle and sew the needle “forward” along the edge of the ribbon with very small stitches. Then pull the thread and collect the ribbon in a large and dense ryushku. Then twist the collected tape into a spiral. The edges must be carefully hemmed from the inside and outside. Now take a flat button fasten it to the wire, it will be the middle of the flower and leg. Cover the middle with a cloth, wrap the leg with a green ribbon. Put the resulting flower on the wire, fix it on the glue or sew it well with threads. This flower is similar to poppy, and rose, and dogrose. In any case, he is very beautiful.This is the simplest technology of all, telling how to make flowers from ribbons. But she has another option, the result is a very spectacular flower, like a fluffy carnation. Take a tape 2-2.5 cm wide and long from 70 cm to a meter. Also sew it with small stitches and pull it off. Spiral in circles from 3 cm, all reducing the diameter, until you reach the peak of an imaginary cone. Glue the entire tape with the inside of the flower. Lay a beautifully wavy edge, flatten it.

    Wide Ribbon Flower 2

    And now we will tell you how to make a flower out of a ribbon so that it is light, airy. Take a nylon tape 50 cm long, 5 cm wide. Sew the edges to make a circle. Now lay the seam, as in the technique of making roses, on one side of the circle, but do not tighten, leave the long ends of the thread, so that it is convenient then to pull them. Now run the same stitches across the tape every 10 cm. Now, first pull off the edge seam as tightly as possible, tie the threads tightly. Then pull the cross seams and also fasten the thread. You have a very beautiful flower that looks like forget-me-not. He has one drawback - small flowers on this technique will not work. And such forget-me-nots should be attached to the middle and planted on a wire, as in the previous story.


    Chamomile will require white and yellow tape. The white ribbon for the petals should be 3 cm wide. You will have about 8 petals, for them you will need 8 pieces of ribbon 5 cm long. When you cut the ribbon, we start to design. We take one piece of tape, fold it in half along the entire length. Sew the edge. It turned out such a "hood" for our future chamomile. We turn it on the face, put it on the table with the face up. Mentally divide the ribbon in half (lengthwise), divide each half into three parts of 0.5 cm. Bend 1 cm from each edge to the middle, and then 0.5 cm back down from the middle of the petal. The edge is fastened with thread or glue. Now our petal is ready. We also produce 7 more pieces. Glue them to each other in a circle, fasten the center of yellow tape. All daisy ready.

    Now you have no fear before making flowers from ribbons. You made sure that it is not at all difficult if you have a good artistic taste and a desire to learn how to make beautiful bouquets that will delight you at any time of the year! It remains to wish good luck to all needlewomen!

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