• How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    February 19, 2013
    How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft?

    Fans of Minecraft will be interested to learn about another way to save their character from hunger - about fishing. All you need is a fishing pole. And how to make a bait in Minecraft, we will describe in this article.

    Craft fishing rods

    For crafting you will need:

    • Sticks (3 pieces).
    • Threads (2 pieces).

    Then goes to the crafting window and combine all the ingredients. All fishing rod is ready and you can go fishing!

    But with a fishing rod you can not only fish. For example, to control a saddled pig, you will need a fishing pole with a carrot. Minecraft can sometimes do completely unexpected things, right?

    So, to make a fishing pole with a carrot, you need to connect a fishing pole and a carrot in the crafting window. Everything, now you can quite become the dashing rider of any pig.

    How to fish in Minecraft

    In order to fish, you need to go to the pond. And it does not matter whether it is natural or not.

    So, go to the inventory and choose the bait.Next, click the right mouse button and throws it into the water. Now carefully watch the float: if it does not move at all, then there is no fish and you need to throw; if he is swinging on the waves, everything is fine, there is a bite and soon you will have fish.

    After some time, the float several times go under water, signaling that the fish got hooked. And here it is necessary to hook very carefully - only when the float is under water, otherwise the prey will break loose. You also need to cut the right mouse button.

    If you have done everything successfully, the fish will fly out of the water directly into your hands. When fishing in shallow water, be careful and make sure that your hook is not stuck in any block.

    Alternative fishing rod application

    Besides the fact that you can fish with a fishing rod and control the pigs, you can also use it as a weapon. Of course, it will not cause damage to any monsters, but you can pull up close to yourself the most dangerous creatures, such as Gast or Skeleton.

    If you need to press any plate, but it is out of reach, aim better and cast the line. Do you need a boat, but it is too far? Nothing wrong! Using the boat, you can easily pull the ship to him closer. But be careful - because of the impact the boat can break.


    Like any weapon in Minecraft, fishing rods have their “shelf life” - 65 uses. For each use of fishing rods for fishing is spent one point. And it is spent in any case, regardless of whether you caught the fish or not.

    If the hook is stuck in the block, then two points of strength will be taken away for its stretching. The force of attraction will cost you three points, regardless of whether you attract - a monster or a boat.

    This is basic information on how to make a fishing rod in minecraft, as well as how you can use it later. Successful craft!

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