• How to make a dollhouse?

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    How to make a dollhouse?

    Doll games are one of the favorite activities of girls at all times. In the children's room you can find the Barbie collection, a bright wardrobe for dolls, as well as a lot of things you need to play with daughters-mothers. Doll houses are also popular. But they do not have to buy, you can make it yourself.

    How to make a Barbie doll house? First you need to decide on the future size of the house. Since Barbie is a lady of considerable height, the house should have high ceilings and there should be enough free space where you can install all the necessary furniture, hang paintings and additional decor. Next, we consider the manufacture of a doll house from plywood.

    Materials for work

    So, consider what materials you need to make a dollhouse with your own hands:

    Puppet scrap
    1. plywood or fiberboard - 4 square sheets of the same size,
    2. wallpaper or wallpaper,
    3. self-adhesive paper,
    4. glue for wallpaper
    5. glue suitable for working with plywood,
    6. small nails.

    The process of making a dollhouse

    1. Before you start making a dollhouse, determine how long and width each room will be.
    2. Now distribute the materials according to purpose: one sheet is the floor, the second sheet is the ceiling, the two remaining sheets are the walls of the rooms.
    3. You can decorate the floor and ceiling initially by pasting wallpaper onto the ceiling, and “lay laminate” on the floor, pasting self-adhesive paper of the same color using wallpaper glue.
    4. Now let's take the time to “forcing the walls”. The two remaining sheets should be perpendicular to the floor and the ceiling should be crossed crosswise. The result will be 4 rooms with straight walls and right angles. You can make 4 identical rooms or all of different sizes depending on your idea.
    5. Mark the middle on the sheets, drawing smooth lines on both sides of the canvases. Also mark on these sheets and doors according to the height of the doll. Doors need at least four - one for each room.
    6. Next, cut with a jigsaw and cut one sheet into two equal parts, gluing both with a glue joint to the junction to the marked lines:Puppet scrapone part of the cut sheet on one side of the whole sheet, the other on the other
    7. It is time to draw lines on the "floor" and "ceiling", dividing each sheet of plywood into four equal parts.
    8. To the walls of the house stood firmly, glue the resulting structure to the "floor" and "ceiling" to the places drawn lines. This will again help the glue, which you need to thoroughly fluff the ends of the "walls" and places on the "floor" and "ceiling". Press down the construction until the glue is completely cured.
    9. For the best fastening and durability of the construction from the outside of the "floor" and "ceiling", drive in nails so that they pass the plywood sheet and firmly enter 30-40% into the "wall".
    10. When the basic design is ready, you can glue wallpaper in the rooms. Choose where there will be a living room, bedroom, kitchen. Choose shades of wallpaper with your child or use various stickers, booklets, etc. in your work.
    11. It remains to work on the decor and furniture. Since in the house-apartmentPuppet scrapthe walls are only adjacent, there are no external walls and windows, in their place you can stretch the curtains by attaching the pieces of fishing line along the top of the “ceiling”. It is not difficult to sew the curtains from the fabric cuts, and having designed a house in this way, you will get a more comfortable and completed doll house.

    I think you made sure that you can make a dollhouse with your own hands. Do not forget to add to this and the child, be sure to consult with him about what color scheme to use for wallpaper, where there should be doors and furniture, with what details to fill the rooms of the new housing for your favorite doll.

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