• How to make a claim?

    Under the influence of advertising, we often buy not only what we really need, but also what our eyes “wanted”. And the question is that this thing will not be claimed. The main thing is that in this hectic sales, discounts, promotions, the goods are not always of high quality. What do many people do? Having disappointed in the purchase, they decide in the future not to succumb to the provocation of advertising. But there is a small group of people who can defend their consumer rights. They, according to the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", make a claim on the quality of the goods and go to the seller. Want to know how to make a claim, then we will consider everything in order.

    Types of claim

    Since the claims can be of different types, the definition of this term is somewhat different. But, in general, the point is that a written request is made for the fulfillment of obligations. In it, you specify, for example, to pay you a debt, eliminate a defect in the product or replace it, pay damages, and more. In order to properly make a claim, to take into account all the nuances, let's look at some of its features.

    Why do I need to make a claim? This is an important document that will help you solve a conflict situation peacefully. But, even if the disagreements are not resolved in this way, you have the opportunity to go to court, already on the basis of your claim. So, this document must be drawn up in any case.

    Any documents like literacy, clarity in wording, brevity, but at the same time tact. Do not hurt the feelings of another and do not splash your emotions on paper. It only hurts. Yes, and the claim - not the document! It is better to make a link to the article of the law that protects your rights as a consumer. And although there is no definite claim form, some general requirements still need to be taken into account with proper drafting of the claim.

    Claim processing

    You can issue a document by hand or in print. But how to make a claim correctly, you can see a sample on the website:. Let's take a closer look at all the points:

    1. Write the name of the organization where you purchased the product and its address.
    2. Now enter your data: name and address of residence.
    3. Very briefly outline the essence of the problem.Maybe you found a defect in the product, or the capacity of the package does not match the characteristics of the product. Or you spoiled shoes during the repair. The reasons for writing a claim are many.
    4. Now describe your requirements (replacement of goods, elimination of deficiency, compensation for damage, etc.). Clearly specify the dates in which the organization or the seller must invest.
    5. Be sure to put the date and signature.
    6. At the end, place the application, and write what you attach to the claim: a copy of the sales receipt, a copy of the warranty card, a copy of the certificate from the warranty workshop. In general, everything that can confirm your claim.

    It is best to send the document by mail, so that the envelope was stamped with the date, and also a notification of receipt.

    If you give the claim in the hands of the seller, write in two copies. Upon delivery, ask the seller on your copy to put the date of receipt of the document, subscribe and write your name. The date stamped by the seller will be the starting point - i.e. the beginning of the term to meet your requirements. And still, do not send the claim by fax! It does not have legal force.

    And what if the seller or the store ignored or responded negatively to your claim? Now, having a copy of the claim on hand, contact the court. For help, you can contact the specialists of the society for the protection of consumer rights. Do not be afraid to assert your rights, if any.

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