• The best gift for parents of rosy cheek tops is diapers. This is the most sought-after and very useful item in the first two years of a baby’s life. By presenting such a present, you can be sure of its relevance, usefulness and relevance. What else can you give, going on a visit to the house where the baby was born? Diapers, bottles, a variety of clothes, a pacifier. Such gifts are very pleasant and pleasing to the eye, but it will not be superfluous to take care of how to present them beautifully.

    Unusual gift for parents who have just born a baby - a cake made from diapers.

    What is it? A cake made from pampers is not only a very stylish, but also an unusually useful gift that will definitely come in handy for everyday childcare. You can make such a surprise on your own or buy a gift made by an order of professionals.

    In this master class I will show 5 options - how to make a cake out of diapers with your own hands with step by step photos.And also useful tips on how to decorate and how to pack such an unusual cake from diapers.

    Cake from diapers


    How to make a cake out of diapers with your own hands

    I want to dispel the myth that without special skills and experience it is impossible to make a cake out of diapers with your own hands. To cope with this task under the force of each. In order to succeed, it is necessary to carefully examine the algorithm of actions, be patient and careful.

    What tools and materials need to be prepared to make a cake from diapers?

    01. Diapers

    Of course, without diapers, it is impossible to make a cake - a gift. On the shelves of shops you can see a large assortment of diapers of different manufacturers, quality and cost. When choosing diapers for a gift, you should focus on the size, age of the baby, his height and weight.


    Shop consultants or pharmacies will be able to help with the choice, but it's worth noting that when choosing between the first and second sizes of a diaper for a newborn,it is better to give preference to the second number. This is because children grow up very quickly, and there is always the risk that diapers will not be used, as the child simply grew out of them.

    pampersy (1)

    When shopping, pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. Do not buy diapers, packaging which has a violation. Through the holes microbes and dirt get inside, and they lose their sterility. Unpacking all items in advance is undesirable because of possible contamination and loss of sterility.

    Important: for babies of the first month of life, use diapers only in a package that has not been previously broken.

    For the same reason, buying diapers to create a cake - a gift is better for older children, using the second or even the third size of the diaper. For children older than three months, you can already use pre-unpacked diapers.

    A good solution would be to create a cake - a gift that includes several sizes of diapers. Particular attention should be paid to the third dimension. As practice shows, it is he who is most in demand.

    It will not be superfluous to clarify before starting to assemble a cake from diapers, which manufacturer of this product is preferred by the parents of the baby. This will help avoid an unpleasant situation when donated diapers can not be used for their intended purpose because of an allergic reaction of the baby's skin.

    02. Baby Accessories

    Selecting these pleasant things for the cake - a surprise you can fully trust your taste and fantasy. In a cake it is possible to lay beautifully diapers, small bottles, booties, various clothes, nipples, teethers and many other things.

    Any baby care product will be a pleasant surprise for the parents.

    Accessories for the child


    03. Decor

    All that can complement, decorate and create a theme of the composition of diapers, ribbons, braid, lace, flowers will suit.

    How to make a cake for diapers for a boy

    kak-sdelat-tort -iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami

    Prepare small rezinochki. Best of all are elastic bands for creating bracelets.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-02

    We begin to twist the diaper into rolls, after wearing gloves.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-03

    We bond the roll with a rubber band.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-04

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-05

    For the base you can take a thick cardboard of a suitable size. Since the birth of our baby coincided with the New Year, I took a tray with such a pattern.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-06

    With the help of ordinary gum for money, we start to collect the first tier of the cake.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-07

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-08

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-09

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-10

    To fasten the tiers between each other, we take tubes of baby cream and shampoo.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-11

    Wrap the tube in polyethylene and attach in the middle of the first tier.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-12

    At the top, set the second tier, which is diagonally smaller than the first.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-14

    In the same way we fasten the third tier.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-15

    All the tiers are wrapped in a wide white ribbon.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-16

    Another way to build a cake from diapers.

    This way is easier - we take diapers out of the package and put them in a circle.


    We fasten them first with a rubber band, then a satin ribbon.



    When our cake is assembled, proceed to decorating it.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-17

    As a rule, such a gift for a boy is made out in blue, blue or purple hues. The composition should not be piled up with excessive decorations and decor.

    To emphasize the style of the gift, you can decorate the cake with a typewriter, a plane or even a ball.

    kak-sdelat -tort-iz-pampersov-svoimi-rukami-18

    Wanting to make your gift practical, complement it with children's things. For these purposes fit booties, socks, hats, sliders and vests. Do not forget about the means of hygiene: a cream under the diaper, baby powder, shampoos and lotions. Such gifts are always in demand.





    Also perfectly suited for a boyish gift football theme. So on the top of the cake fasten a soft plush ball, complement the composition with booties in the form of sneakers and various accessories. Completing the composition of children's football scarf in the form of a tape.

    Create a cake - a gift from pampers for a girl

    To create a gift for a girl, of course, it is better to stick to girlish subjects. Gently pink tones, beautiful flowers and ribbons, beads and a bow - all this can be successfully combined with each other creating unique compositions on beauty. Do not be afraid to overdo it with decorations. A cake for a girl can resemble a light ball gown or a cake with whipped cream.

    Cake from diapers for girls


    The color scheme for the pampers cake - a surprise for the girl, in addition to pink, can be complemented with beige, milky shades, gently lilac and even lilac colors. You can diversify the pastel range with bright accents of rich, rich tones.


    tort-iz-pampersov-dlya -devochek (1)

    Miniature plush toys, baby dolls and dolls are capable of creating a pampers cake for a girl like nothing else.

    tort-iz-pampersov-dlya -devochek (2)

    Cake from pampers photos

    tort-iz-pampersov-dlya -devochek (4)

    tort-iz-pampersov-dlya -devochek (5)

    tort-iz-pampersov-dlya -devochek (6)

    To emphasize the time of year when the girl was born, you can use simple accessories in the form of butterflies, flowers, decorative leaves and even snowflakes.

    tort-iz-pampersov-dlya -devochek (7)

    The easiest and fastest way to make a cake

    Very quickly, you can make a beautiful and valuable gift to the statement. No money can replace the joy that causes such a cake. He looks very rich. The contents of the cake can be changed at will, add booties, bodys, bottles and nipples. The easiest and most affordable option is to put a suspension on a carriage on top of the cake. It is useful, bright, interesting.

    To make a big diaper cake:

    • 80 diapers (preferably premium);
    • tape about 2 cm wide (about 1-1.5 m);
    • tape 0.8-1 mm wide (about 1-1.5 m);
    • thread;
    • Needle;
    • beads;
    • suspension on a stroller or toy (or booties, or bottles);
    • Rubber glove or thin rubber bands.
    • rectangle or circle of cardboard;
    • bright paper for gifts;
    • transparent paper (about 2 meters);
    • double-sided tape.

    We make a cake from diapers as follows: First we turn off 25-30 pieces of nappies with tubes. We intercept each tube with elastic bands. Rubber bands can be cut from a rubber glove.

    We take 15-20 pampers each, fold them as shown in the photo so that we have a circle. We intercept it with an elastic band, evenly distribute diapers.



    We insert diaper tubes inside this circle. This is necessary for filling tiers.



    We form three “cakes” of various diameters.


    The place where each circle is intercepted by a rubber band should be hidden. To do this, we will use tapes.


    We encircle each circle with ribbons, we sew together so as to form bows. Sew a bead on the bow.





    On each "cake" we make different decor of ribbons. The edges of the ribbons should be burned so that they do not get frayed quickly, do not lose their appearance.


    We wrap the cardboard rectangle with paper, fix it with adhesive tape from the bottom side. Put the cake on a cardboard tray.


    We place a toy or suspension on top.


    Wrap the cake in clear paper. At the edges, this wrap is fixed with pieces of scotch.


    We decorate transparent paper with ribbons on top as well. Pampers cake on the newborn's discharge is ready!


    Cake train from ordinary diapers

    Do not know what to present to mom and just appeared toddler? I propose as a gift to make your own little engine of ordinary diapers.

    tort-parovozik (1)

    For the train, prepare:

    • 17 diapers;
    • stationery gum;
    • double sided tape;
    • wrapping paper;
    • satin ribbons (white and blue 5 cm wide, blue 1.5 cm wide);
    • decorative buttons;
    • a soft toy;
    • a thick rod or a wooden skewer;
    • thick cardboard for the base (you can use a big chocolate bar).

    The first thing we turn into tight rolls of diapers, fix it with rubber. Cardboard base paste over wrapping paper. We lay out on the substrate the first car of eight rolls and decorate with white and blue ribbons.

    Next, we prepare the blocks consisting of two diapers, bandaged with ribbons. Then from the blanks we form two small (it is possible and more, as far as the base allows) a trailer of four diapers. Rolls fix among themselves with the help of double-sided tape.

    tort-parovozik (3)

    We design each of the cars with blue and blue satin ribbons, we attach bows behind. Finally, we glue decorative muzzle buttons.

    On the main carriage we install a pipe with a wooden skewer, which we also decorate with satin ribbons (as in the photo).

    tort-parovozik (4)

    It remains only to put the main passenger, and by the way, there may be several, at your discretion.

    tort-parovozik (5)

    tort-parovozik (6)

    A very necessary gift for mommy and the newborn is ready!

    tort-parovozik (2)

    How to properly pack a cake from diapers

    When thinking about creating a cake - a surprise from pampers it is very important to take care of its transportation to the recipient in integrity and safety. Cake must be packaged in a thin strong film. To do this, put a gift on a flat surface on which the film is pre-spread.

    Placing the cake in the middle of the film, you need to connect the edges of the packaging at one upper point and fix everything with a beautiful bow.

    How to properly pack a cake from diapers


    Cake surprise from pampers: tips and opinions

    There are no negative reviews about such an unusual gift. It is very beautiful, stylish and practical. Regardless of size and fullness, the cake of diapers is always happy.

    When creating a cake-gift, you should follow some rules and tips from experienced craftswomen:

    1. carefully monitor the cleanliness of the tools, hands and work surface;
    2. the room where the work is being done should be clean, free of dust
    3. Do not run pets in the room where the cake is created;
    4. the optimal number of diapers for a cake is 60 pcs
    5. Never unscrew the diapers with the inside out ...
    6. things that complement the cake from diapers should be washed and ironed
    7. plush toys decorating the cake should be quality, without a pungent odor.

    As practice shows, making a cake with pampers is not very difficult, as it may seem at first glance.

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