• How to make a bouquet of candy with your own hands - step by step master class

    Flowers and sweets like all women, so a bouquet of sweets will be the perfect gift for your beloved wife, mother, sister, girl. And it is relevant for any celebration, be it Birthday or March 8th. If you want to stand out with an original gift, you should think about collecting a bouquet of sweets with your own hands. In a single composition, beauty and pleasant taste are successfully combined, but the main value is that a part of the soul is embedded in it. And step-by-step master classes will help to create a unique sweet masterpiece.

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    Before proceeding to the design of bouquets of sweets, you should familiarize yourself with useful tips, which are shared by experienced needlewomen with beginners:

    • using corrugated paper, you can easily create the required contours by smoothing out the vents and folds in a certain way;
    • attach a flower to the stalk, preferably with a special decorative scotch, you can also use a strip of corrugated paper, after moistening it with water
    • so that the structure does not disintegrate, a stable base should be selected, but it should not weigh much (foam or some other similar material can be used as a basis);
    • The flower basket can be used ready-made or you can make it yourself from flat sweets.

    As you know, today a large assortment of sweets is on sale. It includes various types of sweets, differing in shape, taste, color and other characteristics. All are suitable for collecting sweet bouquets. It is necessary only to show imagination.

    UnusualbouquetofcandyFor a present

    If you collect a bouquet of corrugated paper with candies by yourself, additionally decorating it with ribbons, such an unusual gift will be appreciated. You can safely count on delight and words of gratitude.


    To perform an incredibly beautiful sweet bouquet of flowers you will need:

    • chocolate or other kinds of soft sweets;
    • decorative mesh;
    • corrugated paper;
    • polypropylene tape;
    • the wire used by florists;
    • bow;
    • tape tape;
    • nippers, scissors;
    • wood skewer;
    • decorative greens.

    Step by stepmasterthe class

    For the successful implementation of the edible bouquet of sweets it is better to use the instruction with step-by-step photos:

    1. Take the wire and cut the nippers into several equal parts of about 10 cm each. Thin ribbon is also cut into small strips. The length of each should be about 25 cm. The width of the tape is about 5 mm.
    2. From corrugated paper, cut 7 rectangular shapes, the length of which is 18 and 12 cm. How to do this is shown in the photo.
    3. After that, cut out a trapezoid from each figure. Clearly shown in the photo.

    4. Place this trapezoidal shape on top of the part from which it was cut. In the center to lay candy. Roll up roll.

    5. Insert the wire prepared in advance into the resulting blank. She should get into the candy, but pierce through it.Around the wire wrap an extra piece of corrugated paper. Secure with tape tape.

    6. Take a thin tape, cut in advance and wind the roll, as in the photo.

    7. Carefully flatten the edges to form petals. It turns out such an unusual poppy.

    8. Do the same in a few more colors.

    9. With the help of tape tape fix the flowers on a wooden skewer. Randomly place decorative greenery between the flowers.

    10. It turns out such a beautiful twig with flowers. The wooden skewer must be completely wrapped with tape, which, in turn, is fixed with scotch tape.

    11. It remains to wrap the bouquet with a grid, decorate with a bow.

    With such a magnificent bouquet, it is not a shame to appear at any festive event.

    Bigbouquetrosesofcandyby theirby hands

    An interesting bouquet of roses from candies is quite capable of being made by oneself, because the manufacturing process is so easy that even a child can cope with it. First of all, you want to admire such a composition, forgetting that inside each flower a pleasant sweet surprise awaits.


    To make a large bouquet of roses from sweets, you will need:

    • round candy;
    • scissors;
    • gold thread;
    • wire;
    • glue;
    • crepe paper (green for stem and pink for flowers);
    • foil;
    • polyethylene, beads, decorative ribbon.

    Step by stepmasterthe class

    Step-by-step instruction for beginners in making a bouquet of flowers from sweets:

    1. Put the candy in the middle of the foil. Prepare a golden thread.

    2. Wrap the foil tightly around the candy, tie it with a thread.

    3. Prepare two squares of pink corrugated paper.

    4. Lay out the squares of corrugated paper on each other and fold in half, as shown in the photo.

    5. Trim with scissors as shown in the photo.

    6. Expand the corrugated paper and place in the resulting “water lily” candy in foil.

    7. Wrap the paper around the candy and tie the thread at the bottom.

    8. Prepare a square of green corrugated paper.

    9. From one edge cut the teeth, reaching the middle of the square. As a result, it will be possible to make such an original crown.

    10. Put a pink bud on the green workpiece. Drip some glue to hold both parts together.

    11. Twist the green paper around the pink and wrap the thread at the base of the bud for better attachment.Prepare the wire to be used as a stem. Cut from green corrugated paper ribbon of small width. Insert the wire into the bud so that it enters the candy, but does not pierce through it.

    12. Wind a green stripe around the base of the bud, and then continue to wind the stem.

    In the same way, make several more similar flowers, assemble a bouquet, and then decorate it using polyethylene, beads and decorative ribbon.

    Plainbouquetofcandyandcorrugatedpaper for beginners

    Making a simple sweet bouquet is easy, even for beginners. To do this, you can use sweets out of the box or any other round shape. This unusual bouquet will be the perfect complement to the main gift or even replace it.


    In order to gradually collect a bouquet on this MC, you must first prepare:

    • round candy;
    • Scotch;
    • pink and gold corrugated paper;
    • organza ribbons wide;
    • wire;
    • the tape is golden.

    Step by stepmasterthe class

    At first it may seem that making such crafts is quite problematic.However, all actions are so simple that even a beginner can handle them. And it is easy to be convinced of this, if you become familiar with the master class:

    1. Make a few blanks of the required size of golden corrugated paper. Wrap each candy so that half peeks out. Bottom paper to twist, thereby securing it on the candy. As a result, a ponytail will be obtained from below.

    2. Cut the paper into thin strips and wrap around the pieces of wire. Paste in candy and secure with scotch tape.

    3. Wrap a wide ribbon around each candy, creating a bud. Tie a golden ribbon at the base.

    4. Make a few flowers and collect a bouquet. So that it does not disintegrate, it is required to wind the tape around the stems.

    5. Prepare a pink paper and twist the bouquet. Tie a ribbon or thread at the buds.


    It takes just a few minutes to make a neat little bouquet of candies on skewers. First of all, you should prepare the materials used, and then get acquainted with the master class.


    To collect a small and light bouquet of sweets, you need:

    • candies;
    • pot for indoor flowers;
    • piece of styrofoam;
    • skewers of wood;
    • corrugated paper.

    Step by stepmasterthe class

    If you want to make a bouquet of candies on skewers, this master class is exactly what you need:

    1. Put in a prepared pot a piece of foam. Put one candy on each skewer. From the reverse end of the skewer strung pieces of corrugated paper.

    2. Tighten the paper to the opposite end of the skewer, to where the candy is strung.

    3. Thrust the skewers into the foam, straighten the corrugated paper. It is important that the flowers of candy are relatively close to each other, without gaps. Due to this, the appearance of the bouquet will improve.

    4. Now you need to consider the design of a sweet bouquet. You can decorate it in different ways, depending on your own taste: wrap a pot with paper and fasten it around with a red thread.


    Create a masterpiece of candy and corrugated paper is quite simple, if you have patience and turn on the fantasy.


    To create beautiful bouquets of candy with corrugated paper or without it, it is not necessary to have special skills.There is nothing difficult in making them, so novice needlewomen, men and even children will cope with such work. In order to avoid the difficulties that inexperienced masters may encounter, you should familiarize yourself with step-by-step master classes.

    Step by step to create beautiful bouquets of sweets will help video tutorials.

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