• How to make a bootable flash drive?

    It would seem, why you need a bootable USB flash drive with Windows operating system. Flash card is designed for permanent work, and the operating system every day to reinstall, thank God, not all have to. But if you own a netbook or a CD / DVD drive is broken on your computer, you will certainly need information on how to make a bootable USB flash drive.

    Make a bootable USB flash drive: instructions

    It is not at all difficult to do. For this you need an image of the OS itself. All manipulations must be made using special software.

    How to make a bootable windows flash drive in WinToFlash

    The program has a Russian interface. In the free version, you will have to view ads and be alert at startup, as the program will offer to install Mail.ru applications. The paid version will offer some bonuses that will not affect the quality of the application.

    In the main window of the program, choose which operating system we will install. Next, specify the program, where the image of the operating system and the path to the future boot flash drive.

    It is worth noting that all data from the flash drive will be erased. The transfer of the OS data to the USB flash drive will be performed automatically. The whole process takes about 10 minutes. That's all. Bootable flash drive ready.

    How to make a bootable USB flash drive version 7 of Windows in the program "Windows 7 USB DVD DownloadTool".

    Using the free program from Microsoft, you can very easily create a bootable USB flash drive. For Windows 7, this method will be optimal. If you will create your Boot-Flash in Wndows XP, then you will need at least Wndows XP SP2, NET Framework 2.0 and MicrosoftImageMastering API V2. You can download the utility itself in.

    Before you start, you need to format the USB flash drive in the NTFS file system.

    After installing the program Windows 7 USB DVD DownloadTool, run it.

    • The first step is to select the ISO image of Windows 7. Click "Next".
    • Next, select "USB device" or "DVD" if you want to burn the image to disk.
    • Select the desired flash drive, click "Begin copying"
    • Files will automatically be transferred to your USB flash drive. After the process of copying is complete, the USB flash drive will become bootable.

    Having opened for viewing the contents of the flash drive you can see all the files that would be on the installation boot disk. Using this boot device, you can install Windows on any device that supports booting from USB media.

    Before you install the operating system, you need to check the BIOS settings.To do this, at the time of starting the computer, press the "Delete" or "F2" key (depending on the type of equipment of your computer). Next, open the BootableDevicePriority item. In the position HardDiskBoot Priority install USB-HDD. Different systems have different equipment configurations, so the names of positions may differ slightly. The idea is to make the computer first of all check the data on our flash drive before loading the OS. The second number should go hard drive, as it will be installed. After a reboot with all parameters saved, the OS installation will begin. After completing the installation, it is better to return the BIOS settings to the previous state.

    Now you know how to make a bootable xp flash drive, Windows 7 and 8, it is not so difficult. You only need to figure it all out once, and this knowledge will definitely come in handy in a difficult situation.

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