• How to make a bedroom?

    Often people are not serious about the design of the bedroom, as this room is usually not visited by guests and it is hidden from strangers. Psychologists and doctors recommend, on the contrary, to pay more attention to this room, since here you will spend a lot of time.

    In the bedroom, a person usually rests, so it is important that you carefully consider its design before making repairs in the bedroom. It will directly depend on him how effective your night rest will be.

    Bedroom furniture

    Previously it was considered normal if the bedroom had a minimum of furniture: a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe. Today, many people are trying to choose for the bedroom more interesting furniture that would be beautiful and functional. When arranging furniture, consider how comfortable you will be. There are people for whom space is very important, so they tend to put as little furniture as possible. Others do not tolerate free space and love to make everything closets, shelves, dressers and side tables.

    To make the bedroom more comfortable, you may have to abandon the purchase of ready-made cabinets and order custom-made furniture.Thus, you can better think about exactly what size it is needed and what functionality is required of it.

    What color to make a bedroom: tips

    Surely you have heard that colors can affect a person in different ways, therefore it is recommended to arrange different rooms in different colors. For the bedroom, this is especially important since the effectiveness of your sleep and rest will depend on the color chosen.

    Psychologists recommend decorating the bedroom walls in blue, beige and light green tones. Yellow is not the best choice: although it contributes to sleep, it cannot relieve fatigue. It is not recommended to paint the walls of the bedroom in white, as it prevents a healthy sleep.

    How to make a bedroom: other tips

    An important place in the interior of the bedroom is its lighting, which must be given special attention. For the bedroom, the optimum is a soft, non-irritating light. That is why lamps should give a diffused light. To achieve this effect, you can use the lampshades, hubcaps, lamp shades of frosted glass. Often in the bedroom use floor lamps, which not only cope with the lighting, but can also play an important role in the design of the room.

    In most cases, the wardrobe is placed in the bedroom, so you need to think about your own lighting. Some prefer to install light bulbs inside the cabinet to better see its contents. Designers offer another solution: install light bulbs on the front side of the wardrobe. If there is a mirror in the wall of the wardrobe, it is important that you are well lit when looking at it.

    If you like to read before bedtime, install an extra lamp at the head of the bed to provide a sufficiently bright light.

    There is one simple way to make the bedroom much more comfortable and cozier: twin switches. One is recommended to install at the entrance to the room, and the other - near the head of the bed, so that you can turn off the light without getting up.

    On the floor of the bedroom is recommended to install carpet, pleasant to the touch. This will allow you to walk in a room without slippers, without feeling discomfort.

    Making the bedroom window, it is better to give preference to curtains made of soft fabrics. According to psychologists, such curtains create a feeling of comfort and coziness.

    You can choose the bed to your liking, but when placing it, it is important that you can see the room when you lie down.

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