• How to make a 3D game?

    While playing computer games, various “shooters”, “races” and “strategies”, some people ask themselves, is it possible to create a 3D game on a computer for yourself? The materials of this article will be given rather brief instructions on how to do this.

    Genre Definition

    In order to determine the genre of your game, you need to understand what you like more. Think, shoot or ride. List of genres:

    • First person shooter - FPS. Just a shooter. An example is the game counter-strike.
    • Third Person Shoter - TPS. Also a shooter, just a third person. An example is the game GTA.
    • Real Time Straregy - RTS. Strategy, developing in real time. The game is quite dynamic, but requires considerable patience. Warcraft or Warhammer are examples of this game.
    • Action is an action movie. The game is dynamic, with shooting and effects. A great example is Call of Duty 4.
    • Arcade - turn-based, leisurely game, arcade.
    • Adverture - adventure game.
    • Simulator - a very extensive genre. May include both TPS and FPS. The main goal - the simulation of real life.
    • Racing is another genre. Racing can be on anything, the main thing is to come first, while performing various tricks.


    After the genre is selected, you need to write a script. It should be:

    • Concept document: the game system, its main "chips", enemies, if any. That is the whole technical side.
    • Design document: interface, type of graphics, menu, etc. That is the whole visual side.
    • Directly the script itself with a description of the essence of the game, with a string. All of this can be served in one file, and it can depend on your imagination for as many times as you like.

    Engine selection

    After the concept and design documents are written, it is necessary to assess the complexity of creating the game itself. To create dynamically destructible buildings, artificial intelligence and super graphics, experience is clearly not enough, so you should not go so far. You need to leave everything as is, and choose the optimal engine that is suitable for this level of complexity.

    • For example, for simple shooting at several enemies, the best option is FPS Creator. Of course, the quality of the graphics is not very good, but for the beginner it is quite suitable. To gain experience, it would not be superfluous to create several levels on it.
    • NeoAxis Engine option is more interesting. This engine allows you to create a game of any genre of the above, but the standard package excludes the race, although there are still opportunities to create technology.The quality of graphics can be compared with games such as Time Shift and Crysis. If the choice is on the NeoAxis Engine, then you need to download it from the manufacturer’s website and install it.

    Selection of game resources

    • Next, you will need game resources, first of all models, then sounds and textures.
    • It is necessary to find an experienced programmer on c # (this is a programming language).
    • Software is required: 3ds max 9 (Blender analogue is possible); also need Adobe Photoshop 10.
    • You need a high-quality microphone and a program for processing and recording.

    Programs and lessons on 3D and 2D graphics can be downloaded on the Internet.

    Creating games with game designers

    Answering the question how to make a 3D game, you can answer as follows. It turns out that to create games, it is not necessary to know the programming language and have a team of experienced programmers. You can create such entertainment with the help of special programs, imagination, patience and enough time. Programs for creating games are called constructors. All you need is to download the program you want, watch video tutorials and start creating your own original games. Now you have some information on how to create a 3D game.Try to do it, it should work.

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