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How to Look Like a Frenchwoman

Ah, France. The country of love, elegance and fashion. And, of course, French women. Just how do they manage to look so elegant and refined, even in a t-shirt and jeans? If you're looking to capture the style of a French woman, here are some suggestions to start your fashion odyssey.


  1. Don't play humble.French women look good because they believe themselves to be the most stylish and elegant women in the world. It's a touch arrogant but it works.
    • You have faults? We all do. However, the secret for French women is not only to not care less but to accentuate the fault as a beauty feature. You can only do so when you feel confident about who you are inside. So get your confidence on and love every part of yourself!
  2. Buy quality clothing.Rather than spreading your clothing budget across as many items as possible, spend it sparingly on one to two quality items as you can afford them, perhaps each season. French women don't wear dowdy clothing, they abhor cheap fabric and they prefer stylish classics over faddish styles.
    • Even your exercise clothes should be well tailored and tidy in appearance.
    • A little nod to fashion is fine––don't be a fashion victim though. Know and stick with your own defining style.
  3. Take care of how you "dress down".French women look good even when relaxing. For a working French woman, coming home from work might mean removing the jacket and jewelry and donning a cashmere sweater and trousers for a "more relaxed look". In other words, stay chic even when you're relaxing.
  4. Wear only the finest lingerie and nightwear.French women love the luxury of fine lace, satin and silk for undergarments and nightwear.
    • Fine underwear is considered appropriate for unwinding in. Especially on Sunday mornings with croissants.
  5. Consider the details as important as the rest of the outfit.For example, your accessories and your shoes should be chic, of good quality and tasteful. They are never an afterthought but are part of an entire carefully put-together package.
    • Shoes should be good quality and expensive.
    • Scarves should match your clothing. They should be made from the finest materials and be elegant, not overstated.
    • Your earrings and necklace should be of high quality, not copycat versions of the real thing.
  6. Stay well groomed.French women do not leave the house unkempt, ever. Good grooming is the basis of always appearing impeccable and chic. Good grooming is the guarantee that a plain woman can look beautiful.
    • Discover your favorite beauty products and use them religiously. French women adore their beauty products. Even if you don't wear makeup, get products to keep your face cleansed and moisturized. And as you age, use anti-wrinkle creams––for the mental boost as much as for their effect on the skin.
    • Grey hair is fine provided it's well cut and groomed. If you must have it dyed, do it subtly so that nobody knows. In fact, whatever your age, never get your hair dyed in an obvious way––no French woman would ever dare.
    • Good skin is important. Feed your skin by consuming healthy, nutritious foods.
    • Keep makeup simple and elegant. Caking it on is never acceptable.
    • Have well manicured nails and toenailsat all times. No excuses, ever.
    • Don't hate people or your life. It will show on your face.
  7. Focus on your posture.French women know how to carry themselves well. They don't slouch, drag their feet or try to hide their height (or lack of it). They stand tall and walk properly.
  8. Keep slim.French women are renowned for staying slim. To look French, you'll need to perfect this too. Find an eating regime that works for you and keeps you fit and healthy, as well as slim. Read books like Mireille Guiliano's bookFrench Women Don't Get Fatfor more tips on this aspect.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Do you have to wear makeup?
    Prim Everdeen
    Community Answer
    No. Natural is fine, and even preferred by some French women. Just be well groomed! If you want to wear makeup, wear just a little bit of foundation, with concealer where needed. Use an eyeshadow to make your eye color pop, wear mascara and maybe eyeliner. Put on a lip balm and then a natural-colored, yet chic, lipstick/lip stain/lipgloss. You're done!
  • Question
    Do they look down on brightly colored hair?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    No. No one will judge how you look unless it's inappropriate.
  • Question
    I've got very light eyebrows (almost white) and brown hair so I usually fill them in; is there any special way French women do their brows?
    Community Answer
    Keep a natural shape to your brows. Choose a color that suits your hair color. Brush the brows up and to the side.
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  • French women age gracefully. Do your best to do so too and on the whole, avoid Botox and plastic surgery––most French women don't use these but rely on good nutrition, exercise and joie de vivre instead.
  • While most French women do remove underarm and leg hair, they are not anywhere near as bothered as Americans are by underarm hair left to grow.
  • Learn to speak French. Benefits beyond being able to speak to other French people include: People who speak a second language tend to be more empathetic and understanding of others and other cultures. Moreover, if you are able to think in another language, you may find yourself being more decisive, because you don't let all the usual words get in the way of your thinking.
  • Decorate with necklaces.
  • Keep trinkets and little keepsakes around your house.


  • French women don't actually listen to the advice of articles like this, TV shows or anyone else telling them how to dress. They observe and they absorb. Go to Paris, do the same and toss this article.

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