• How to lick anus?

    Today, the traditional sex in many couples goes by the wayside. He is considered monotonous and even boring. That is why all sorts of techniques for blowjob, cunnilingus, anilingus, and anal stimulations are becoming very popular. In this article we will talk about how to lick the anus. By the way, this method of sexual relations is suitable for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

    Where to begin

    It is desirable that the woman (or man, it does not matter), with which you are going to do anilingus, lay her stomach on a pillow and spread her legs wide apart. Of course, you can lick the anus and standing partner, but it is not very convenient. Moreover, for both participants. Further, it is necessary to slightly push the buttocks with the palms and begin to slowly lick the anal cavity from the top down and bottom up. You should not concentrate on the anus from the very beginning of sexual intercourse. It is important to warm up the partner with light movements of the tongue on the buttocks and in the area near the anus.

    If anilingus is done to a girl, pay attention to the area separating the vagina from the anus. This area is extremely erogenous.Therefore, by stimulating it, you can deliver a maximum of pleasure to your partner. It is an interesting fact that women who have undergone an epizotomy (a surgical operation that is performed during childbirth to expand the passage) are stimulated most of all by stimulating this zone. Because of the surgical suture, located in the above-mentioned place, the woman’s nerve endings become more sensitive to stimulation.

    As for the topic, how to lick the anus of a man, his intermediate zone is also rather erogenous, however, to a lesser extent. However, this technique should not be neglected. When you lick tongue anus and "nearby" areas, be sure to change the pace, then accelerating, then slowing down the movement. It is also important to constantly change the direction of movement. Do not forget to breathe hotly, as heated breathing can even arouse your partner.

    Login language

    When a person is excited after the preliminary elements of anilingus, it's time to try to insert the tongue into the partner's anus. To do this, moisten with your own saliva anus and enter the tongue into the sphincter muscle ring. Of course, it is carefree to "talk" the language all over the inside of the anus, right up to the colon, you will fail, but this is not necessary. Easy entry will be enough for special sensations. Try using the tongue as if it were a penis entering the vagina. That is, enter and output it into the anus, occasionally slowing and accelerating the pace.

    Continuing the conversation about how to properly lick the anus, it should be said that anilingus is an excellent preliminary stage for anal sex. Relaxed and excited anus will make it easier to take a member or a toy from the sex shop. Although the connection between anilingus and anal sex is indirect. Therefore, be sure to end all anal sex is not necessary. This is a personal affair of partners. In more detail, how to lick the anus, the video will tell.

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