• How to learn to play football?

    Definitely, football is one of the most exciting sports. Some people are skeptical of him, and for them it’s just a hobby, but there are people for whom football is a lifetime.

    Undoubtedly, each of us can play football well or poorly. But what about those who want to learn how to play better, and there is no possibility to attend football schools? It also happens that skills are lost, and the question arises: how to learn to play football again?

    Learn to play football

    Training takes place in several stages.

    Stage 1

    First of all, you should practice thoroughly the accuracy of the strike. To do this, you must stand against the wall (about four meters away) and “play with the wall”, i.e. hit the ball so that it hits the wall, and when it flies back, try to hit it in the same part of the wall, as in the previous time.

    With this simple exercise, you will develop a pass accuracy. And do not forget to train the weak leg.

    Stage 2

    Now we will talk about taking the ball.You will need helpers to feed the passes a little up or a little to the side.

    If there are no helpers, you can use a simple method: move five to ten meters from the wall and hit the ball so that it flies from the wall to you. Always try to take it in different ways.

    Stage 3

    Work out the practice of hitting the ball. Remember that it is necessary to pass accurately and powerfully. To begin with, we will work out the strike technique: hit the goal and try to hit the crossbar, preferably from nine to fifteen meters. If you manage to hit the crossbar at least 4 out of 10 shots from such a distance, then you can proceed to working out the accuracy of the strike. You think that you already have an excellent strike technique, but for some reason the ball flies to the wrong place? So, first try to get to the right corner of the goal, then to the left, or vice versa, after hitting the center of the gate and hitting the different corners again.

    Finally, the force of impact. It is not necessary to accelerate before the impact, just five steps will be enough. Move away from the ball, accelerate and make a large swing with your foot. In this case, the force of the blow will come by itself, if you often train.

    Stage 4

    We train speed jogging with the ball. To learn how to run with the ball much faster, you need to run around the field, leading the ball with different legs, while from time to time try to make jerks and stops alternately.

    Stage 5

    Now we are working on the technique of owning a ball. Try “juggle the ball” first on the left, then on the right foot. Such an exercise will give a good feeling to the ball, you will see that it has become much easier to take the ball, and you get to give passes.

    Stage 6

    The last item in the training is “Bypass players”.

    Of course, experience is necessary for “crawling players”, so train, involve friends in your workouts. You can also stick sticks into the ground and try to go around them with the ball without touching the obstacles.

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