• How to learn to cast?

    Increasingly, in various forums you can meet wishes like: I want to learn how to cast spells or I want to do magic. But what does conjuring mean? It is unlikely that people who undertake this understand what it is and what the principles of magic or witchcraft are. But the goals that they set for themselves are quite real, as they think. This is of course money, a happy marriage and family, as well as health - the order is different, but the goals, in general, are similar. In this small article, the author will try to explain to you, dear reader, what sorcery or magic really is (this is something you like to call it) and how you can learn how to conjure. I will say right away: I prefer the word "magic", since the concept of "witchcraft" gives quackery, but I will show that magic is in fact simple and clear.

    Guide how to learn to cast

    Who is a magician

    To begin with, we will try to understand, and who is, actually, a magician. A magician can be called a person who perfectly masters his psychic energy. And so where to direct this energy, he decides.Often a magician is called a person who has such abilities that allow him to change reality. Many believe that this is a special gift that is given at birth. We will neither approve of this nor try to dissuade you of this. Let everyone thinks as they wish. The author just wants to hint that, if desired, each person is able to open in himself such opportunities that he could not even dream of. So that you better understand what I am talking about, let's talk about the types of magic, and then return to this issue.

    Types of magic

    Magic can be divided into several types.

    1. Divination and prediction. These include magical actions carried out with the help of various mantic (predictive, prophetic) systems. These types of predictions are Astrology, Tarot, the Chinese "Book of Changes", runes, etc. This kind of magic is based on the similarity of certain forms (astrological map, hexagrams i-jing, tarot cards, runes) and reality. The predictor thus tries to see the causes of a person’s problems, the present situation and see the future. However, let's say right away: the real soothsayer does not predict, he diagnoses and advises.
    2. Creation and consecration of talismans and amulets. Many often confuse these subjects, however, there is a significant difference between them. The talisman is a definite symbol that attracts situations to which a person is charged. For example, there are talismans that attract wealth, there are those that attract love, there are those who are believed to heal from ailments. Amulet (or guardian) - a symbol that protects, protects a person from any trouble. It is believed that talismans and amulets can only be created by strong and experienced magicians - then they will have more energy.
    3. Evocation (summoning) and spells. This type of magic includes, for example, summoning spirits in one way or another. as well as reading spells that are designed to involve certain situations or to protect a person. It is believed that a spell pronounced correctly or with feeling will produce no less effect than a well-charged talisman. Spirits are usually called in to get some information from them. There are various ways of invoking spirits, which we will not discuss here, but simply present the recommended literature at the end.
    4. Alchemy. The transformation of one element into another.Currently, the term "alchemy" is more used in the meaning of the transformation of a substance in nature. In other words, even if a person is seriously engaged in alchemy, he no longer sets himself the goal of obtaining gold ingots from lead. He is simply trying to understand in this way the nature of substances, and therefore his own. After all, for a magician, he and nature are a single entity according to the law of Hermes Trismegistus, as they say, a great magician who lived about 5,000 years ago in Egypt, whom contemporaries called according to the legend of God Tot. His law states: "That which is above corresponds to that which is below." That is, the earth and the sky are one.
    5. Spiritual development. This is the highest form of magic - Theurgy or divine magic and the lowest - Goetia or black magic. With the help of Theurgy, the magician tries to rise above himself, with the help of Goetia - above the world. For Theurgy and Goetia, you can use elements of all previous kinds of magic. The difference between them is only in what goals a person pursues.

    How to learn to really conjure

    What is the author so familiar with you, dear reader, with the kinds of magic? In order for you to understand that magic is not ordinary quackery, but that this system has been forming for centuries and even millennia. The system by which people tried to understand themselves, this world and themselves in this world.There were those who studied magic in order to rise above the world or out of a thirst for revenge or gain. Anyway, there is one simple principle and there is one law on which this ancient art rests, and to believe or not is up to you.

    The principle is that you should not just believe, but be sure of what you are doing. This, by the way, explains the fact why magic works so often. The point is the usual psychological certainty. A self-confident person often gets what he has in mind, right? You can blame everything on coincidence, on coincidence, and it can be considered the result of your magical actions. Here again - what is your point of view on this question.

    The author has already voiced the law to you. This is the famous principle of Hermes Trismegistus: "As above, so below." In practice, this means that if the magician has done something on the subtle plane (he cast a spell, created a talisman, looked at an astrological chart, etc.), then this will necessarily affect reality. It is according to such laws that magic works. So if you want to learn how to conjure, do not think that it is easy. To begin with, you will have to learn a lot of literature, write up a bunch of paper, find the most magical way for you. And only then the result will come to you.And very often this result will not be at all what you expected. Anyway, if you want to go this way, I can recommend you some literature.

    List of recommended literature

    1. I. Regardi "The Tree of Life". The author beautifully talks about the principles and all the intricacies of magical art. You can download.
    2. D.M. Craig "Modern Magic". This is a whole encyclopedia of magical art, which you should definitely explore for beginners. Download it.
    3. E.Kolesov "Alphabet of Tarot". As they say, many tarologists and forecasters in general began precisely with this book, written in simple and understandable language. The author has devoted a lot of space to the principles of the work of predictors.

    I think you will not have any questions how to learn to conjure, if you carefully study these books.

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