• How to learn German?

    So, you do not know how to learn German? The advice provided by us further, perhaps, is not bad for studying any European language. And there are no special secrets here. In the first place, of course, desire is necessary. With him, we will begin our story.

    A wish

    Understanding the need to learn one of the foreign languages ​​is still far from talking about the presence of the desire to learn it. Quite often, attempts at such a study remain attempts, ending in the first month. First of all, you need to want and put a lot of effort. Of course, some hobbies or habits should be sacrificed. But there is no doubt that instead of them there will be new hobbies, no less interesting, and the general outlook will expand significantly.

    Often, one has to hear questions of the following nature - how to learn German completely and quickly, how to learn German quickly, with a minimum of effort, or something like that. The answers to them are also simple and banal. An average adult can learn a foreign language for two or three years, and speak it like a native inhabitant only ifif all this time he studied, worked, walked, ate, loved and lived in that language.

    Regardless of the completion of training, its proper start is the key to success. Consider some options.

    Learning from scratch

    The hardest will be the first months. This should not be a surprise. The head can hurt, the words stubbornly do not want to be remembered, and indeed it is not easy. It’s not so easy to fool yourself. Print out for yourself all sorts of motivating slogans and hang them in your own home, even if only in the toilet. They say that helps.

    If someone is mostly interested in the question of how to learn German on their own, then it is much more difficult than in the case of courses or as a personal teacher. After all, whatever one may say, but with some control, we all work much more actively.

    Regarding how to learn German words, do not listen especially to the traditional advice regarding reading books. Of course, it is necessary to dive into an alien world. But in general it is strange who gives advice to "read, read and read again." No matter how paradoxical it may sound, look better than German TV channels instead of torturing yourself by trying to read books in a still completely foreign language.By the way, the most staggering results can be achieved by observing low-grade programs like ours “Windows” or “Big wash”.

    About the same thing, and in the case of newspapers. You do not pull those newspapers that are read by teachers and students in Germany. Give preference to the workers 'and peasants' yellow press, which regularly talks about the clothes of the next mistress of a famous actor at a presentation of a new Hollywood action movie there.


    In no case should not underestimate the communication with native speakers. If you have even the slightest opportunity to find them in your environment, do not try to miss one. First of all, you should offer to learn Russian in return, that is, the exchange of knowledge. You can meet for a couple of hours every week. For example, in the first week you will speak German. In this case, you will be completely free to learn not only the language, but to some extent, and the culture of the country.


    In our progressive time in the world wide web there are already a huge number of online services that can help everyone to learn many foreign languages, including German. In conclusion of this article we will give some of them, they will certainly be useful to you:

    Above are listed one of the most popular services, today, for learning foreign languages. Of course, with their help, it is unlikely to be able to learn German perfectly. After all, there are a huge number of pitfalls, such as the problem of accents, which are simply not possible to illuminate in this way. After passing the basic basics of preparation will require live communication. Perhaps more important than it can be only your personal desire and desire to achieve the goal. Good luck in learning a new language!

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