• How to lace up sneakers?

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    How to lace up sneakers?

    By varying the colors of the laces and lace-up techniques, you can create a new interesting stylistic image each time. We will show both simpler and more complex ways of lacing.

    Simple lacing options

    If you are thinking about how to properly lace up sneakers, then we will answer you: "Yes, as your heart desires!". Indeed, unlike shoes or shoes, sneakers provide complete freedom for your imagination in terms of choosing lacing options.

    The only thing worth paying attention to is the width and thickness, the length of the laces themselves, which must be easily passed through the holes for lacing and at the same time also look organically with your model of sneakers.

    Fast lacing

    sneakersLacing is fast (you can lace up the sneakers with one hand).

    Thread the lace in the bottom two holes. Leave one end untouched - he will not participate in the lacing. Pass the other end under the remaining free end (to fix it) and lead out through the hole on the opposite side.

    Then, at the top, move the cord to the “native” side, then slide it down again and then to the opposite side. Do this until the string is finished.

    At the end, simply lock the end of the lacing with a bundle.

    Simple cross lacing in two colors

    For example, it would be fun to lace up your sneakers with laces in the color of your flag or the flag of a national football team.

    sneakersThread the lace of the same color into the bottom two holes, and the lace of a different color into the two holes that follow them.

    Now start cross-laced up so that each color passes into the holes through one - the ends of the second lace will be laced into these holes.

    At the very end, you can experiment with options for tying knots.

    Lacing rare crosses

    Thread the string through the bottom two holes. Each tip lead on his own side in the next hole. You cross over at the top, lead inwards and then outwards, without crossing the ends from the inside. And so on to the end. As a result, you have only 3 crosses for 7 pairs of holes.

    Complicated lacing options

    Knotted lacing

    sneakersThis method is especially good when you need to lace up your sneakers as reliably as possible.Also, such a scheme is suitable for lacing ski boots, rollers, skates, that is, when you need the strongest possible fixation of the legs. By its principle, it is a classic cross-lacing with an additional element - a knot, in the place of crossing the ends of the lace.

    So, insert the cord from the inside into the bottom pair of holes, threading the ends out.

    Now cross them at the top, tied with a single knot. Run the ends from the bottom up through the holes.

    Re-make the knot and again run the ends of the lace through the bottom into the holes and bring it out. Continue this until the lacing is complete.

    Lacing for football (also for narrow sneakers, shoes)

    sneakersThis scheme for shoes on 8 pairs of holes.

    Thread the string from the inside out into the third from the bottom row of holes. Pass each tip along the top into the next lower hole (do not change the side). Now bring the ends out through the bottommost holes and then thread them into the 5th (if you count the bottom) holes without changing the direction.

    Now transfer each end to the parallel side and pass the hole from the inside out to the 4th bottom. Without changing sides, thread the ends inward through the 6th bottom hole.

    Next, do the usual cross-lacing. As a result, you will have a lacing, which weakens the toe part of the sneaker as much as possible and securely fixes its top.

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