• How to knit for a newborn with needles?

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    How to knit for a newborn with needles?

    When a baby appears in the family, I want to give it the best. And, of course, the best clothes for a child are those made with your own hands. Therefore, very often, mothers and grandmothers knit clothes for the baby themselves. Let's learn how to knit needles for a newborn.

    What can be connected

    You can tie almost any clothes to a newborn. This may be an envelope, jumpsuit, blouses, suits, socks. You can knit booties for a newborn with knitting needles, they look very cute on small legs.

    Be sure to remember that baby yarn should be natural. A better color to choose juicy, although you can stay on the delicate shades. On clothes for the smallest there should not be coarse seams, small jewelry that a baby can swallow. Clothes should be comfortable, spacious, soft, it should not hamper the movement of the child.

    Of course, the first item of clothing for the baby is an envelope.Now we will tell you how to knit an envelope for a newborn.

    The envelope


    • Yarn - 350 g .;
    • Spokes number 4;
    • Buttons.The envelope

    Getting Started:

    1. For the manufacture of a simple envelope, you will need to knit a flat canvas forty centimeters long and seventy centimeters wide.
    2. And then you need to make a fastener in front. To do this, along the edges of the canvas along the entire length it is necessary to arrange the same strip-gum. On one bar should make holes for buttons. For loops, you need to knit two loops together and make a cape - you get a hole. Then the fabric must be folded along the length, in front of the fastener, and sew shoulders and bottom. Then sew on buttons.

    If you immediately want to knit the jumpsuit for a newborn, read our article How to tie a jumpsuit.

    Another must-have item for a baby’s wardrobe is a bonnet. Make it easy. Let's learn how to tie a bonnet for a newborn with knitting needles.



    • Yarn - 50 g .;
    • Spokes number 2.5.

    Getting Started:

    1. It is necessary to type on the spokes sixty loops and knit them with an elastic band 1 * 1 (one face, one purse) three centimeters.Then continue to knit the front of the satin about twenty-five rows.
    2. Now it is necessary to divide all the loops into three parts and knit the front row - forty loops. At the same time it is necessary to knit together two loops from the side parts.Cap
    3. Without completing it, you need to turn the knitting to the wrong side and do the same work. Then again you need to turn on the front side.
    4. When the side parts will have twelve loops, you should make a decrease in the middle part. To do this, remove six loops on each side of the middle section.
    5. At the end of work on the side parts of the bonnet the hinges will disappear, and six loops will remain in the middle. Need to finish knitting on the wrong side.
    6. Now it is necessary from each edge loop of the left side to tie one purl loop. Next you need to rotate the product on the front side and continue to knit with an elastic band 1 * 1. Then from each edge loop of the right side it is necessary to knit the facial one loop. And knit further with a rubber band two centimeters.
    7. You can still make strings with simple ribbons.

    We got a cap.

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