• How to knit nakid?

    Oksana Vasilyeva
    Oksana Vasilyeva
    September 19, 2014
    How to knit nakid?

    Nakid is a special technique in knitting, which allows you to make a knitted fabric openwork. Nakid is a kind of loop, just not knit. In knitting and crochet, there are several types of nakida and techniques of its execution. Let's learn how to knit capes and crochet.

    Knit needles

    Since the nakid is an “empty loop”, it is not knitted with the loop of the lower row, but simply throws a working thread on the needle. Depending on the method of throwing and knitting in the next row, the caps can be straight, reverse or double.

    Straight fit

    With the right-hand needle we pick up the worker's thread, introducing the needle towards us - right to left. Holding the slightly tense thread on the spoke with the finger of the right hand, we knit the next loop (according to the picture). In the next row, the nakid is knitted according to the pattern - the purl or face loop. If there are no special instructions in the scheme, then put on a knit knit with a purl loop. With pickup nakida for the front wall in the canvas turns out openwork hole.When picking up the nakida for the back wall of the thread is twisted and the fabric is solid.

    Reverse cover

    With the right-hand needle we pick up the worker thread, entering the needle with a movement away from us - from left to right. Holding the slightly tense thread on the spoke with the finger of the right hand, we knit the next loop (according to the picture). For the formation of holes in the next row nakazyvaetsya behind the rear wall. To obtain a crossed loop (without a hole), knit a nakid for the front wall. The rest of the technique does not differ from the technique of direct nakida.

    Double Cape

    Double nakid use in openwork patterns for wide holes. With a double crochet thread twine around the working needles twice. In the next row, double wrap knit in different ways, depending on the pattern design. To get a big hole, one turn is knitted, and the second one is dropped from the loop. Another option - provyazyvanie one turn of the purl loop, and the second face (or vice versa). When tying double nakid with identical loops, one of them is made ordinary and the second crossed.

    Crochet hook

    Many people know how to crochet without nakida.To do this, enter the hook into the third loop of the previous row, pick up the thread and pull it into the loop. They pick up the thread again and pull it through the two loops on the hook.

    For a continuous web, a semi-column with a crochet is also performed. How to knit this item? The thread is thrown onto an empty hook with a movement away from itself, after which the hook is threaded into the third loop of the previous row and draws a new loop. Now all three loops on the hook are knitted as one. In crochet crochet is the main element of openwork patterns and adjusts the height of the column. Depending on the pattern of the pattern, the columns are knitted with a double, triple (and more) double crochet.

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