• How to knit a sweater?

    Knitted sweater is an indispensable part of a winter wardrobe, warming both in severe frosts and in strong winds. Therefore, each needlewoman first of all tries to knit a warm sweater, decorating it with various and various patterns. While spending the evening with balls of thread and knitting, in a week you will be able to admire the finished product. For beginning knitters, to understand exactly how to knit a sweater, you can find detailed descriptions and diagrams in knitting magazines or on the Internet.

    Knitting nuances

    When working with knitting and thread, you should know a few nuances for further successful work. First, for a sweater it is best to use acrylic yarn or a combination of yarn, that is, which consists of wool, polyester, etc. Then take the time to rewind the yarn into balls. This will help you when knitting, because the ball will turn and the thread will not have to be unwound, which will speed up your work a bit.

    Sweater knitting stages

    Gathering the loop and knit gum and the main part

    When everything is ready, you can get to work. The first step is to set the desired number of loops. Next, go to the vyvyazyvaniya gum. To do this, alternate the facial loops with the purl. Then smoothly go to the main part. Here you can fully express your imagination and link inconceivable patterns. It all depends on your desire and skill. If there are not so many knitting skills, then we can restrict ourselves to a simple pattern. In this case, there will be no problems how to knit a sweater with knitting needles.

    Knit sleeves and neck

    After the main part is ready, you can start knitting the sleeves. They begin to knit all the same with a gum, and then proceed to the usual knitting. The most important thing is to carefully count the loops and not lose count, because you do not want to have different sleeves. If you notice an error, it is better not to be lazy and tie the part. And if you accidentally added an extra loop, then with further mating, correct your mistake by reducing the loop. After all the details are ready, it remains only to bind the neck. There are many styles of neck. Of course, they differ from each other not only in appearance but also in the degree of knitting complexity. Choose exactly the style that you will be able to tie.Since this part of the sweater is always in sight, there should not be any errors. You need to carefully consider how to knit the neck of a sweater with knitting needles, so that later the product does not seem sloppy. After all the details are connected, it remains only to sew them. Usually they are sewn with the same threads as knitted. To do this, it is enough to purchase a special needle with a big eye.

    Help in choosing

    If it is difficult for you to imagine which sweater you would like to knit, then nowadays this problem can be easily solved. It is enough to buy a magazine for knitting and find your favorite product model. To a beautiful photo is usually attached either a diagram or a detailed description of the work. On the Internet you can also find knitting sweaters with knitting patterns. Remember that in such schemes there may be mistakes, so if you worked according to the scheme, but you didn’t manage the necessary detail, you shouldn’t sin on your carelessness or lack of skill, because there may be mistakes in the schemes from magazines or the Internet. Just look carefully at the part and try to correct the errors yourself.

    What to do if you can not find a knitted thing with the scheme? To do this, you need to type in a search: how to knit a sweater with knitting needles.Schemes and additional recommendations you will find on many sites that offer exactly what suits you. It only remains to determine the style and be patient, since it is diligence, attentiveness, desire and patience that will allow you to create a unique thing yourself.

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