• How to install anti-cheat?

    Julia Chmykhalo
    Julia Chmykhalo
    January 28, 2013
    How to install anti-cheat?

    Anti-cheat is a special program that is installed to protect against the use of cheats on the game server. With the installation of this add-on on your computer, the user can disable and ban various unscrupulous players. In order to use this useful program, you need to know how to install anti-cheat, and what anti-cheat is.

    Anti-cheat UCP

    In the beginning, it is worth noting that there are a huge number of anti-cheats. One of the most famous and most sought-after Aichites is a free program called Ultra Core Protector. It provides the user with enormous opportunities, the main of which are: protection against the substitution and change of game files, protection against the use of script cheats, as well as protection against changes and introduction of the game process. The UCP program supports versions of steam and non-steam games.

    You can learn how to install client anti-cheat, and if you want to learn how to install anti-cheat on the server, you need to go through the following.

    Myac program

    Myac Anti-Cheat is an unofficial anti-cheat for games on the HalfLife engine, both the first and second versions. This program allows you to block banned server players.

    Download the program myac anti-cheat, and you can also read the detailed manual.

    Life-guard program

    Anti-cheat life-guard has extensive settings. Here are some of its features: protection against hacking, protection against bots, protection against characters in nicknames. It also provides the ability to enable or disable any of the functions of this anti-cheat.

    You can learn how to install anti-cheat, as well as study the installation manual.

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