• How to install an image?

    Often, the programs or games that we download end up on a computer as a disk image, and there is an insurmountable problem for many. How to install a program or game? What to do with files mdf, iso, bin, nrg, img, cue and others? Here's how to install an ISO image and image with any other extensions and will be discussed in this article.

    Disk image

    A file that contains a complete copy of the file system structure and data that resides on a disk, such as a floppy disk, a CD, or a hard disk partition, is called a disk image. This term describes any such file, and it does not matter whether the image was obtained from a regular physical disk or not. Let's still get an answer to the question of how to install a disk image.

    Installing a disk image

    • Download from the Internet disk image.
    • Download and install the program. Now there are a lot of programs that allow you to emulate a virtual drive. But the most common Daemon Tools. This is a small free utility that allows you to emulate up to 4 virtual drives.The system will perceive them as normal, installed in the system unit CD / DVD drives. If you look in the file manager, you will see that another disk has appeared on the computer system. To work with the image, the default settings are quite enough.
    • To work with a disk image as with a full one, you need to mount it in the emulator. To do this, do the following:
      • Click the left button in the tray on the emulator icon.
      • In the menu that appears, select any item. As long as it says “No data”, this is for the reason that the image has not yet been mounted.
      • In the dialog that opens, select the desired image and click Open. After that, the data will appear in the emulator menu.

    Now the disk image will be connected to the virtual drive, which will be assigned a letter.

    Further work with the image of the disk is no different from working with a real drive. Files can be run and viewed, view their size, copy to hard disk, go to directories, etc. To change the image in the emulator, you need to repeat the procedure from step 3. A change may be needed, for example, when installing a program (game) that consists of several disks.To do this, take the following steps:

    • Mount the first image in the emulator, run the installer and the program or game will start to install.
    • At some point, the installer of the program or game will stop and the “Insert Disk 2” sign will appear on the screen.
    • The actions of clause 3 are performed on connecting the second image. After that, you need to click Ok. The program or game will continue the installation.

    In addition to the program, which we talked about Daemon Tools, there are other programs that can emulate virtual disks. These are such utilities as Alcohol, UltraisO, Nero. But they are more in volume, although they have a full-fledged interface. In addition, they have additional functions, for example, they can burn discs.

    Now you know how to install a disk image, and you will not have any more problems with your favorite games and programs. As you can see, it is not difficult at all, and everybody can do it. We wish you good luck in the development of modern technology!

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