• How to install a pump?

    After installation, efficient water heating systems, with natural or forced water circulation, allow creating favorable climatic conditions, warmth and comfort in the rooms, regardless of the central heating boiler operation. In addition, this solution is almost four times cheaper than with one hundred percent payment of utilities, since the calculation takes place only for the amount of natural gas that you spent yourself, and not for transporting the heat carrier to the subscriber and other services. In forced heating systems, the water moves through the pipes through the circulation unit, so you should carefully consider how to install the pump correctly. To do this, you must follow some mandatory rules.

    1. First you need to determine the parameters of the circulation pump. To do this, it is necessary to accurately and carefully calculate the heat loss of the building, taking into account the data according to the tables on thermal conductivity of heat-insulating materials. To install a pump for heating, you need to consider the length of the pipelines around the perimeter of the premises,diameter of pipes laid and the number of radiators in the rooms. In contrast to the natural, the use of a forced circulation system, allows you to mask the reverse and main pipelines installed in the lower part of the load-bearing walls. In the first case, if the height of the rooms does not exceed 2.5-3 meters, the pipe used to supply water may block part of the window opening, which violates the external interior of the room, and especially if it is located above the opening of the balcony door.
    2. First you need to install a circulating pump in the return line. In view of this, it will only work with a chilled water coolant, which will prolong its service life for a long period. In contrast to the natural, in the system of forced circulation, the expansion tank must be connected to the return water-carrying pipeline, and not to the main riser.
    3. The first step is to turn off the heating device (boiler). Tightly shut off the water in the feed and discharge pipes of the circulation pump with a faucet. It is required to carefully tighten the nuts that the pump is attached to them.After putting the circulation pump in a horizontal position, otherwise its impeller will start to emit strong vibration noise, which can lead to a rapid failure of the device and lead to unplanned expenses. Often, forced-heating systems use three-speed, low-noise centrifugal pumps that can create relatively small water pressures, displacing very large volumes of water.
    4. In order to determine how to install a pump, it is necessary to understand that the installation of a circulation device serves as an additional device in the natural circulation system and is guided by this. First of all, it is required to complete the pump with detachable connections and filters, according to the passport. The diameters of the components should be similar to the diameter of the mounting fittings of the pump. In the event that the heating system is working under pressure, purchase and install a non-return valve, which should correspond to the diameter of the device thread. The valve, in turn, will prevent the effects of overpressure in the system. In the case of an open heating system, a check valve is not required.
    5. An installed pump on the bypass line requires the crane to be installed on a return or main pipeline. Mandatory, for installation on the bypass, is a device for relieving excess air pressure from the system. In the case when this structure is installed vertically in a straight pipe, next to the boiler, this device does not need to be installed. Such a circulation system ensures heating, even when the power supply is disconnected.

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