• How to install a profile?

    Now almost everyone needs a printer. After all, it is convenient and you do not need to spend money on printing services. With the help of it you can do the same work at home and at the same time with a fairly good quality.


    A printer is a device with which you can print text or graphics, directly making out a print item on a computer. The printer differs from printing supplies in that it is more compact and does not need to create a printing form (a printing form is created for printing equipment). According to their classification of the printer are divided into:

    • Inkjet
    • Matrix
    • Laser
    • Hard ink
    • Sublimation

    The printer connects to the interface (with a computer or other equipment):

    • Via serial port
    • Through LAN
    • Through SCSI cable, USB port
    • Via Bluetooth or infrared, etc.

    Also, modern printers can print without a computer, for this they have flash cards. That is, this device is fully autonomous can print photos directly from cameras and camcorders.For corporate and local networks use a "network" printer - it accepts information for printing from several computers. It does not need driver support, it is universal hardware.

    To understand how to install the profile on the printer, you need to find out that the profile is an additional file for the device driver, which helps to choose the right color and amount of ink for printing. That is, thanks to the profile, we can more accurately adjust the printer, namely correct the color rendition and correct the printing device operation correctly.

    Profile installation

    Thanks to the instructions below, you can easily understand how to install the profile for the printer on your computer:

    • First you need to set a profile for your printer.
    • Then you need to do a test print using Adobe Photoshop, it is necessary in order to make sure that you have installed the profile correctly
    • Next you have to choose the printer, the location of the paper, in the field “Quality” you should choose “Best photo”
    • On the Advanced tab, you must select your ICM profile, in the middle of it, click the Off button and click OK.

    Before you install a printer’s color profile, you must also go through some steps:

    • You must download or install Adobe Photoshop and additional Color DarkRoom on your computer. Follow all registration points
    • Open Adobe Photoshop, then open the color card, which is usually located at the following address C: / Program Files / AMS / Color DarkRoom / Color_Card
    • Find the "Printers" menu and through the "Properties" tab open the color management menu and correct it as you need.
    • Print one copy of the color map to know how to more accurately edit the color you need. This can be done directly through Adobe Photoshop.
    • Set up all the necessary functions such as: your type of printer, the position of the print sheet, convenient placement of the sheet will give you the desired effect. Print the color map again and based on these results, change the color palette at your discretion.

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