• How to increase the speed of the Internet

    How to increase the speed of the Internet

    How to increase the speed of the Internet

    Every Internet user sooner or later wonders how to increase the speed of the Internet. Who does not have high-speed access to the network, and someone wants even more. On the other hand, there are now a lot of providers who have reduced the prices for Internet below the baseboard, in addition they offer excellent promotions, what else are people missing? The answer is simple, to find it, just mention the mobile Internet. Here, the speed is small, and the prices are quite high, and this is where the question comes from. Moreover, prices that vary depending on the downloaded material is much higher. For owners of adls modems, this is a way to save good money, about $ 10-20 per month. So to know how to increase the speed of the Internet and reduce the flow of traffic, it is necessary for everyone.


    How to increase internet speed for free



    It is worth starting with a little theory about the Internet.In the process of using the Internet, a person keeps on his computer a lot of information that has various extensions, and only then browses the material in the browser. That is, if you simply view a web page, the computer processes this information, for which traffic is removed. It is not necessary to download any files: games, music, movies, clips, etc., just browse the page on the Internet, and you are already paid for it. Downloaded text, pictures, banner and even unnecessary advertising charges you traffic. Not fair, but it is a fact.


    This article will deal with the most popular and effective ways to increase the speed of the Internet. For general development, it is worth remembering one method that has already managed to make some noise. Many argue whether this method really helps, but there is still no answer to this question. It is worth telling at least about its existence. This method increases your internet speed by 20 percent, but there is one condition. The user's computer must be equipped with the Windows XP operating system, only in this case it will be possible to use this method.Also, to use it, it is desirable to have some knowledge of the PC, because ordinary users are unlikely to cope with the task.


    Take a look, which describes and tells in great detail all the necessary actions. After that, some points will be noted in the article.


    Win Xp has a very useful service or service with the name Qos, it is in its reserve is about 20% of the bandwidth of your PC. It must ensure that all resources are fairly distributed among the programs that need them. But no one knows, even the most experienced it, how this service works and whether it works at all. From here comes up the question: Where are the remaining resources? That is why many programmers advise you to disable the QoS service and thereby release the missing 20%.


    The service has several drawbacks. First, the method works only on Os WIn XP, except for it there were no such results anywhere. There are doubts about 2000, it seems that there is no such function, but it seems to be there. Second, not all measurements indicate that there really is that 20% increase. Therefore, there are still disputes between people, someone says that QoS is a myth, but someone claims the opposite.In any case, this information is given for general development, if there is a desire, then you can try the method on yourself.


    Next, it is worth talking about how to increase the speed of the mobile Internet, and not only in ways that are based on data compression. The essence of the latter is the following: together with the loading of the page, your computer has to process and download extraneous images, text, video (this was mentioned at the beginning of the article), there are programs that first send files to the server, where they are thoroughly compressed, and because it is already delivered to you, where they are quickly unclenched. This process you will not notice, but the loading of pages will increase by an order of magnitude. The principle of operation should be clear to everyone - the less information you download, the faster the download.


    The next part of the article will not begin with how to increase the speed of the Internet through different software, and with browser settings, where there are special functions. We'll figure it out with the Opera, look at what you've been attached, and with it you'll understand the essence of the proposed functions.

    This function should work perfectly, at least there have not been any complaints about it yet.So swing the opera and use Turbo mode. Moreover, you can use extensive settings, such as compression ratio.


    The program increases the speed of the Internet



    Now we will touch on free and paid software that will help you solve the problem with low Internet speed. They work by compressing files, such a principle was described a little higher. They will not give you mindlessly spending money on unnecessary material - advertising, banner, flash, etc.


    • To begin, let's talk about the free and probably the most popular program called Toonel. It is very easy to set up and useful in work, by the way, the product has a Russian-language website, which describes all the functions and instructions for use. The program runs on JAVA, has very little to maintain, has a miserable setting, allows you to choose the quality of the compression of pictures and photos, but before working, you need to enter several settings in the browser. Download software, view and use. Download free Toonel can be from the official site
    program to increase the speed of the Internet

    program to increase the speed of the Internet

    • The second well-known software, which, by the way, is also free, is called Rabbit.It will increase the speed of your Internet, thanks to data compression, especially images. The creators assure that information can shrink right up to 90%, just amazing performance. You are given the opportunity to visit the product site and download the free program.
    • Another product that is respectful is called propel, and he deserves his authority with a magnificent work. This program is not in demand among the Russian audience, as few people want to pay for the information code when there is a choice. But propel deserves respect, so you should pay attention to all the functionality and charms of the program, which can be viewed on the official website.
    program to increase the speed of the Internet

    program to increase the speed of the Internet

    • On the other hand, if you are one of those people who are willing to pay for a computer program, then you can purchase domestic software that is in no way inferior in quality. For several years, the tcompressor program has become almost the most popular and purchased in runet. So, if there is a desire, give money to our manufacturers, besides the program is constantly updated and improved. The official website has all the details about the program and its purchase.
    program to increase the speed of the Internet

    program to increase the speed of the Internet


    Let's sum up.To figure out how to increase the speed of the Internet, there is no need to immediately acquire third-party programs, besides paid. First, make the necessary settings in the browser, and if that's not enough for you, then you'll need to turn to additional programs. Next you have to choose, based on specific goals and needs. It is possible that you limit yourself to the free version of the program, otherwise you will have to spend a little.

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