• How to increase the potency of folk remedies at home?

    Currently, there is a huge amount of funds and drugs that contribute to the restoration of male power. They are in considerable demand because every second member of the stronger sex suffers from erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the question of how to increase the potency of folk remedies at home is more and more often becoming relevant and interested in a large number of men.

    For a variety of reasons, most men prefer to be treated on their own, without the help of specialists. Self-treatment does not always lead to the restoration and improvement of potency, so if there are no results after a course of therapy, it is better to seek help from a doctor.

    Effective treatment and restoration of potency folk remedies

    As practice shows, traditional methods of treatment and restoration of potency are effective as part of a comprehensive treatment, or when problems with potency are minor.

    But still you should not neglect the treatment of potency folk remedies, many of them quite well solve the sexual problem very quickly! For a start, it’s certainly worth getting rid of basic bad habits:

    • Alcohol (both low alcohol and strong)
    • Nicotine (smoking cigarettes is quite detrimental to male power)
    • Insufficient sleep (if you do not get enough sleep, it is bad for not only the potency, but also the whole general state of the body)

    The most commonly used medicinal plants that help restore men's health include:

    • Mint;
    • Juniper;
    • Nettle;
    • Sage;
    • Hypericum;
    • Parsnip;
    • Clover;
    • Celery;
    • Linseed oil;
    • Ginseng;
    • Lemongrass;
    • Hawthorn.

    The list of healing herbs for the potency of men can be continued indefinitely, they are used to make decoctions and infusions, add seeds to food. In pharmacies you can also find drugs based on natural ingredients, which practically have no contraindications and side effects. One such drug is Vimax, which includes cayenne pepper, hawthorn, Ginkgo Biloba extract, ginseng root, inosine, and straw extract from oats.

    Inexpensive and effective pills for male potency: improvement and recovery

    Inexpensive and effective tablets for the potency of men are considered drugs based on the following active ingredients:

    1. Sildenafil
    2. Vardenafil
    3. Tadalafil
    4. Dapoxetine

    These components are contained in the most popular and effective pills for restoring and enhancing male potency:

    1) Viagra (Sildenafil 100mg.);

    Viagra contains the active substance sildenafil, the onset of action 40-60 minutes after ingestion and lasts for 3-4 hours.

    Cialis (Tadalafil 20 mg.);

    Cialis is the leader in terms of the duration of the effect, the duration is up to 36 hours, the onset of action is 20 minutes after ingestion.

    Levitra (Vardenafil 20 mg.);

    The active substance - Vardenafil is contained in quantities of 20 mg., The effect of the drug comes already 10-15 minutes after administration and lasts about 8-12 hours.

    Dapoxetine (Dapoxetine 60 mg)

    A special drug that will help get rid of premature ejaculation, and will make sexual intercourse better.

    These drugs are manufactured by various companies, so there are not only originals, but also analogues (generics).The analogs of these drugs for potency are absolutely identical to the brand ones, but their cost is an order of magnitude lower, in that the beauty of generics does not need to be paid for the brand.

    We can recommend you an excellent online pharmacy generics, drugs for male potency - Dapoxetine-Spb.RU, online pharmacy has a catalog, detailed descriptions of drugs and delivery terms.

    The most popular drugs are Dapoxetine 60 mg and of course the most famous and common Viagra. These drugs are always in demand, thanks to thousands of laboratory tests, a lot of positive feedback from men from all over the world, we can say with confidence that they are very effective drugs to solve the problems of male potency.

    Exercise to increase potency at home

    With regular exercise to increase potency, even at home, they greatly help to improve, enhance, or even restore male potency. The following exercises are considered to be the simplest, but, at the same time, effective ones:

    1. Forward step - back straight, arms along the body or at the waist.Smoothly and alternately raise and lower legs.
    2. Squats - with a straightened back, legs shoulder-width apart, squats are performed on exhalation, and then you should inhale and also smoothly as you exhale to rise.
    3. Control of the muscle belt - the initial position is the same as in the first case. For a few seconds, you should strain the muscles of the anus, then relax.

    Starting the exercise is necessary from 5 to 10 repetitions, increasing to 20.

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