• How to increase the impact force?

    To increase the force of the blow made by the arm or leg, it is necessary to train the groups of the corresponding muscles. Especially for this, a series of exercises has been developed, the regular implementation of which will ensure good results.

    Due to what can increase the force of impact?

    As is known from the school course of physics, force is calculated as the derivative of the mass for acceleration. That is, force is the product of body mass and impact velocity. From this it follows that an increase in the force of an impact is possible with an increase in the speed of the movement itself or the mass of the body. Therefore, training techniques can be directed either to the athlete gaining weight (used in freestyle wrestling, sumo, etc.), or to increase the reaction speed (this is practiced in such wrestling as karate and other martial arts). In addition, in the latter version of the technique, the speed increases both due to the rapid movement of the arm (foot), and due to the acceleration of the movement of the body itself.

    How to increase the force of impact: recommendations

    The speed of striking alone is not enoughso that his strength has grown many times. In order to build up the maximum impact force with a swing by hand or foot, one should impart a body impulse. In order to avoid damage to the joints and bones, it is not possible to completely straighten the leg or arm during an impact, and movements should be made not in a straight line, but at different angles. This will make the punch stronger and stronger.

    It is important to monitor the position of the feet:

    • So, it will be more convenient if the legs stand a little wider than the shoulders;
    • It should be borne in mind that during the strike the heel is raised first;
    • The foot at the time of the strike must be deployed in the same flank where the blow is struck;
    • When you strike with your left hand, you must raise the heel of the opposite leg, and vice versa.

    In addition, to develop the force of impact, like a boxer, it is necessary to remember such features in the rack:

    • When the body leans forward, the body weight, respectively, is transferred forward, and the knees should be slightly bent and spring back;
    • When striking, it is necessary to simultaneously turn the hips towards the enemy;
    • A striking movement in close combat will be more effective if you do a full body movement at the same time;
    • Stretching forward during the strike should not be, because it reduces the force of the strike - you need to sharply deploy the torso;
    • It is not necessary to take your hands back in preparation for an attack, since the enemy can predict such an action and prevent it;
    • Blows need to be applied as you exhale;
    • If you plan to strike with a fist, you need to squeeze it with maximum force.

    Which muscles to strengthen, so that the blow was stronger?

    Training the force of impact will not be effective if the person has weak muscles. Therefore, you should pay attention to certain muscles and bleed:

    • triceps;
    • forearm muscles;
    • pectoralis major muscles;
    • deltoid muscle;
    • the broadest muscles of the back.

    These workouts are suitable for strengthening muscles:

    1. All of the listed muscle complex works during pushups. Therefore, before starting training on the force of impact, it is best to at least 2-3 weeks push-up from the floor. You can start with 15-20 pushups per day, daily increasing the number of repetitions and approaches. Then increase the force of the strike with a fist will be twice as easy.
    2. In addition to pushups, pull up the muscles of the arms, back and chest will help.Exercises on a horizontal bar are best suited for this - hands should hold the crossbar with a reverse grip (palms are wrapped to the face) at a distance slightly wider than shoulders. For best effect, you can hang on the belt or legs weight. You need to start with as many pull-ups as possible, each time increasing the number of repetitions.
    3. Stuffing the ball on the floor. There is a special ball with which professional boxers train. But in the absence of a professional ball, ordinary basketball will also fit. To perform the exercise you need to put the legs shoulder-width apart, leave the torso straight. The ball is brought as high as possible above the head and with the greatest force trying to hit the floor. After the rebound the ball must be caught. Repeat should be at least 15-20 times.
    4. Another exercise - squatting with a jump. To do it, you need to take the initial position of the body - put your legs shoulder-width apart, and leave your arms free. After that, you need to sit down so deeply until the knees are on the same level as the buttocks. Then you need to maximize the body in a jump up, while raising his arms above his head.This movement will be effective if it is carried out until the forces run out. You can complicate the implementation, if you take in both hands weighting (dumbbells).
    5. To increase the force of impact, the ball will also be thrown to the sides. To perform this exercise, you need to stand sideways to the wall, and spread your legs shoulder-width apart. The ball must be taken into the hand, which is located farther from the wall, and thrown against the wall. When throwing it is necessary to ensure that the abdominal muscles, arms and hips are involved. You need to throw the ball as hard as possible, and when you bounce it you need to catch it. Best of all, if the repetition of throws will be very fast. You should repeat the exercise at least 20 times for each arm.

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