• How to increase phone memory?

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    How to increase phone memory?

    Nowadays, almost everyone can afford not to purchase a simple cell phone, but a mini-computer or smartphone. Such devices allow you to install on them hundreds of games, applications, watch movies, listen to music, and so on. But there is one thing here, without which it is impossible to manage and every user of smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) will face - this is not enough memory in the phone. When this happens, it is no longer possible to install any applications to the phone without freeing up the memory. How to increase the memory of the phone, tell our article.

    Increase the internal memory of the phone

    It is impossible to physically increase the amount of memory built into the phone. But how to increase the internal memory of the phone? Very simple. Most modern smartphones have the ability to install and transfer installed applications to a separate memory card.

    If the memory of the memory card is already full, then you can buy a larger card and transfer all files and applications from the old card to it. Removing the card from the phone, you need to pay attention to its labeling, because the main thing is to purchase a memory card of the same format. You can buy these cards in any cellular salon.

    If it is impossible to transfer applications to the card, or the installation of memory cards is not provided by the phone itself, you must:

    1. Install any file manager on your phone (for example, X-plore). Use it to remove unnecessary:
      • photos and movies
      • temporary files (tmp folders)
      • folders with data that remained from already deleted programs
    2. In case you have not released enough memory, you need to look at the list of already installed programs. Think about how often you use this or that program. Most likely, most of the games and programs you do not use at all. Therefore, delete them. Then again check the file manager for temporary files and folders. As a rule, the games occupy the most, so they should be removed first.And if you again need some remote application, you can reinstall it simply and quickly.

    Increase the phone's RAM

    Sometimes it is necessary to increase not only the internal memory of the phone, but also operational, so that the programs can work quickly and correctly. How to increase the RAM of the phone, read on.

    To increase RAM, you must:

    1. Start the process manager on your phone, as a rule, by pressing and holding the "Menu" button for a few seconds
    2. See what processes are already running and disable unnecessary

    Now you know how to increase the memory of the phone android and simbian!

    Apple smartphones, namely the iPhone, have a closed file system. Without internal intervention in the device, manually clearing the phone's memory will not work. You can only delete unnecessary music, programs and video files.

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