• How to increase money?

    Who does not want to increase their capital by making a profitable investment? The only question is where and how you can make a contribution in order not to lose your money. On the Internet, there is a lot of material on this topic and you can read and study long hours through. This article describes how to increase money, what methods exist today.

    Deposit in the bank

    If a person has at his disposal a large amount of money, then it can be put at interest in the bank. However, it is not a secret for anyone that the interest that banks charge to their depositors accounts is scanty (about 5-6% per annum). Therefore, this way to increase your capital is not always a profitable option. To do this, you should choose a profitable deposit option that the bank can offer.


    In addition to the standard or deposit account in the bank, you can also open an OMS (impersonal metal account). This type of account assumes the presence of not the money, but the weight of the metal that you purchased for a certain amount, despite the fact that the metal itself is not issued to you, but only listed on paper.The bottom line is that the prices for grams of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. change every day. For example, you acquire a certain amount of gold for a certain amount, and the weight (in grams) of precious metal is recorded on your account. For example, during the month the price of this metal has doubled. You go to your bank and get your substantial profit from your investment.

    Precious metals

    How to increase money with precious metals? In addition to the virtual in the bank, you can purchase real precious metals. This is more attractive than the previous version, as the ingot will be in your hands. However, there are disadvantages to this type of income. First, the prices for the metal, as we have already found out, are set by the bank itself, regardless of the market. This means that buying an ingot today is not a fact that it will be possible to sell it profitably even after a year. It also depends on the fact that the prices for the purchase and sale are significantly different from each other. Having bought a metal bar today at one price, tomorrow, for example, in case of urgent need, you can sell it for the amount of about 20% lower than its acquisition cost. Such a prospect is unattractive, to say the least.Secondly, acquiring precious metals in ingots, there is a need to store them somewhere. If this is your home, then one day, having returned from work, you may simply not discover your treasures. When you purchase ingots, the full information about you remains in the bank: full name, place of residence, registration, etc. Who knows who this information can get to, for example, through a teller or other bank employees.

    Trading in the stock market

    Playing on the stock exchange, you can really earn. But here you need experience and certain skills, as well as discipline. After reading the special literature on stock exchanges, you can try to make your earnings. The amount of earnings depends on the amount of the contribution and some other factors. In practice, revenues are different. For some, the exchange is a part-time job, for others - the main income.

    The property

    This is of course a profitable business, but it requires significant start-up capital. When purchasing a home from a developer at the zero stage of construction, the amount of the final profit will be significantly higher than after the purchase and sale of an almost completed home. And of course it will be more profitable to purchase 5 one-bedroom apartments and then sell them than, for example, 3 two-room apartments. Here it is necessary to read and analyze.

    Real Estate and Rentals

    How to save and increase money in the most reliable way? A particularly popular option today is the purchase of housing abroad or in your own country for the subsequent lease of it. This option will provide a constant and continuous flow of money.

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