• How to keep him?

    From the very beginning, the man should ask the question of winning and holding. After all, it is he who belongs to the stronger sex, it is interesting to him to set goals and achieve them. And a woman is a gentle creature with the right to choose for herself the best lover. Believe it? Of course not! Today, it is not surprising female initiative and assertiveness. Is this behavior correct? It is unlikely, but sometimes there is simply no other way out, but “in war all methods are good,” so you should know how to keep it.

    Best lover

    For that matter, let's be frank, we all know that men want one. Well, almost one. So, if the quality of your sexual relationship is top notch, then it is yours. This principle does not apply to those couples who have come together just recently (you do not want him to get his own and run away). If you know that your man loves you, then give him real joy, be gentle and passionate at the same time. So that he is not bored by the same woman in bed, change your roles, it is very interesting.

    Best friend

    Interestingly with you should be not only in bed.How to keep a guy? Be a true friend to him. It is not necessary to drink beer with him every day, just show him that you know how to understand and support him at the right time. And no less important - know how to really have fun, men appreciate in us a sense of humor.


    Not every member of the strong sex loves to read. And even more so, how to keep the guy who read you more than once? Do not be an open book for him, which, literally in one day, can be read several times. Become a mystery. Let his brain boil from misunderstanding what you really are. It’s enough to change. As in bed, only in life. Be interesting, intrigue him. Wear different styles of clothes, change your hairstyle. One day be caring and affectionate, and the next day be sexy and unapproachable. With someone like you, he will definitely not get bored.

    Be smarter

    To know how to keep a lover, you need to connect some women's tricks - tricks. Do not show him that you are afraid of losing him, let him feel that there is too much demand for you, and if he makes one wrong move, then there will be a lot of people who want his candidacy.Even if it is not quite so, create the illusion of inaccessibility, he should know that you have a sense of self-worth and you will not run after him. He should not see that you are doing everything to ensure that he is with you.

    Every woman who is looking for an answer to the question asked from time immemorial - how to keep her husband in the family, should remember that all these rules need to be fulfilled not when a loved one is about to leave, but throughout her life. Then it would never occur to him to look for happiness on the side.

    Astrological secrets

    Perhaps his horoscope will help you in the fight for your lover:

    • Aries: Representatives of this sign appreciate the tender, gentle, caring women. By their nature, they are frank and sexy and sometimes even go over the limits. Therefore, your Aries needs you to ennoble him, and he, in turn, will become a source of energy for both of you. Support him in everything, and if he decides to intimidate you, do not give in and do not lose your footing. Aries must respect its woman, but be prepared to periodically notice attempts to enslave you.
    • Taurus: That Taurus loves more money and even food is sex.If you prefer to read a book in bed, and not to do something more exciting, then do not waste your and his time. Taurus needs to be caressed, adored and not shy to tell him about his secret fantasies, which he will promptly bring to life.
    • Gemini: Play with him, puzzle, surprise. Change, so that he does not become bored, keep up the conversation, stock up on a Kama Sutra, watch your body. Never show that you belong to him completely. Let him see that you love him, but you have enough fans.
    • Cancer: How to keep a person born under this sign? Become confident, strong, but romantic and sensual. He must respect you, otherwise you will lose him. Show him that it was he who ignited the storm of emotions in you.
    • Leo: He must see that you are ready to serve him. Make sure that your appearance is irresistible, be seductive, wear silk, drink champagne with it. Tell him that he is absolutely beautiful, give him a passionate love.
    • Virgo: Help him get rid of his shyness towards himself. Do not show him that you are completely impregnable, because he will simply run away.Talk to him about intellectual topics and let him feel that he is in complete emotional security.
    • Libra: Influence his emotions. Watch your appearance, create a romantic atmosphere for him: choke bed linen with expensive perfumes, arrange dinners by candlelight and Brazilian jazz. On a rainy morning bring him champagne and a delicious breakfast in bed, do not raise your voice during an argument, do not disturb its harmony. Try to understand him, because he will do just that to you.
    • Scorpio: Manipulate his feelings, enslave him in bed. Improvise! Come on a night date in a coat on a naked body, be aggressive. You will have to tinker to keep it. Scorpio is trying to arrange emotional slavery, but if he once realizes that you belong to him, he will stop appreciating you. If he is really carried away by you, then somewhere in the depths of his soul he will be afraid of this and may start resistance.
    • Sagittarius: Give him freedom, but be able to put him in his place when necessary. Show him a sense of humor and play love games.Direct his energies in the right direction.
    • Capricorn: admire him, show your respect. Make it feel welcome. He creates the illusion of a strong, powerful man, but in his heart he wants attention, love and care. But do not completely dissolve in it, convince him that you are an integral part of his life and he cannot do without you.
    • Aquarius: How to keep the love of Aquarius? Give him freedom of action. Sometimes you have smart discussions with him, he needs communication. Tell him about what comes to your mind and what you want now. You will become an ideal for him if you show not your sexuality, but your independence.
    • Pisces: These men are ready for a miracle, so your romance should be like a fairy tale. Every day should be different, nothing like the past. In general, play a love play. At the same time everyone, make him reckon with his interests and please you. Show that you have power over him.

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