• How to grow a melon?

    Melon fills the surrounding area with aroma, pleases with its tender flesh, its sweetness, and is good for health. Each country has its own melon preferences. In Abkhazia, melons are long, yellow, fragrant. In Spain, melons are green, with thick flesh, moderately sweet, dense. And in Russia, melons grow large and small, round and long, and smooth and ribbed. To get a good melon crop, you need to learn how to grow a melon.

    We select a grade

    To choose the right type of melon, which obviously will give a good harvest. You probably will find neighbors in the country, who have already grown melon. They will give you the variety that gives the best result. All Gribovskiy varieties, Dessert Melon, Early 133, Pineapple, Kolkhoz Woman, Golden, Skorospelka and others are very good in the middle Russian strip. Choose two or three varieties, see which one is better, then, in the following seasons, save the best varieties and try new ones . So, in due course, you will stop on such grade which will suit you in all respects.

    Planting melon

    Studying how to grow a melon in the country, you need to remember that it should be planted in the last 10 days of May, when the possibility of night frost is already excluded.Melon is a heat-loving plant, so it is best to make a warm bed for it. In the fall, dig a hole 30 cm deep, 20 cm wide, 1 m long. At the bottom of the hole, lay down lethargic grass, foliage, raspberry and currant branches. Sprinkle this mixture with a 10 cm layer of earth. In the spring, clear the bed of snow and cover it with dense polyethylene, fasten it along the edges with stones or earth. The sun will quickly warm the bed. In late May, there can be planted sprouted melon seeds. Despite the weatherization of the beds, at the time of planting it would be good to spill it with boiling water over the entire length. On such meter bed you can plant 5 seeds from one edge, at a distance of 20 cm from each other, and five seeds on the second side. When the melon begins to creep along the ground, you will need to lay the lash in different directions from the bed. If you plant seeds in one row, then between them there should be 50 or more cm. After planting the seeds, it is necessary to cover the bed with a film for another 10-12 days, and you can open it during the day. When the seedlings reach 5-10 cm, it will be necessary to put metal arcs under the film in order not to damage the plants.

    If you want to get an early melon, then plant at the end of May seedlings, which has already grown the fourth leaf.For seedlings, it will be necessary to plant seeds at home in peat pots at the end of April. And on the garden and in the pot the depth of planting melon seeds is 1.5 - 2 cm.

    Growth, bloom, ovary

    One month after planting, the melon plants will use whips that will reach half a meter or more, depending on the variety. After the appearance of the first flowers on the lash, you have to pinch the top of the lash. It will cease to grow in length, will begin to thicken, which will allow a greater flow of juice and nutrients to the fruit. Each scourge should be left on 1-2 ovary. After another month, the ovaries will turn into fruits of 10-15 cm in size (depending on the variety). After that, the final phase of melon growth will begin. When planning how to properly grow a melon, you need to stock up on a barrel where the water for heating will be heated. Water melon should be warm water. As soon as the fruits begin to form, watering will have to be done every other day to provide moisture for growth. As soon as growth stops and ripening begins, it will be at the end of August - beginning of September, it will be necessary to water less often, a couple of times a week. This will ensure the accumulation of sugar in the melon, the pulp will become fragrant, the skin will be covered with cracks, it will become softer.

    Ripening melon

    During the growth of the fruit and their maturation it is necessary to feed the plants.If you made a warm bed, then she feeds the melon. If not, fertilizer is needed. In any store you can buy a complex fertilizer for fruit growth. You can also use organic fertilizers, for example, mullein. It should be diluted in the ratio of 1 to 20. One half-liter jar of solution for each root will be enough to feed once every two weeks.

    Telling how to grow a melon in the Moscow region, it should be noted that during the ripening period, weeds can be left out of the beds, even on the contrary, weeds from other places can be brought to the garden with melons. If you cover the melon with grass, you will not break the ripening time, but the birds, who love to harm the crop, peck at the sweet melons, will be misleading. They simply will not see melons and the percentage of damaged fruits will be much less.

    Fruit picking

    Just before picking, the melon fruits become bright, ripe, the skin is covered with a net, the stem dries and separates easily from the fruit, and the magnificent aroma of melon is distributed to the whole flower bed. Experienced gardeners carry out the procedure of "ripening" melons in a common heap. All ripe melons are folded on a layer of straw or just weeds. It is necessary to fold a slide.Then the melons are covered with a large layer of straw and remain for a week, while the air temperature is still + 14 + 15 degrees during the day. After this procedure, melons are better placed in the place of permanent winter storage. Early melons are eaten in summer, and winter melons can be stored right at home under the bed until the New Year. To keep the melon without problems, you can wash it, dry it and rub it with a paraffin or wax candle. This greatly increases the chances of the fetus not to rot ahead of time.

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