• How to go to America?

    America, America ... You remember the romantic American films, listen to the enthusiastic stories of friends who went there to relax, in general, you think about her iridescence, about a happy life ... The thought involuntarily comes how to go live in America? .. Stop. And do not forget about the visa? Knowledge of language? Need to work, pay bills and taxes? Let's be realistic. Let's talk about moving to America at the level of the mind.

    Life in America: Highlights

    Before you decide how to go to America, cool down and turn on your head. Imagine the real situation and yourself in it.

    • Remember what you need at the very first moment? Of course, knowledge of the language! Without it, nowhere. Yes, perhaps now you exclaimed: "Nothing! There I will learn, the main thing is practice! My grandmother left and nothing, got settled!" Firstly, you are not your grandma. The fact that someone once something happened, does not mean that you will also be formed. Secondly, without knowing the language, you will simply lose a lot of time before you really begin to live in America. Rather, you will have to survive ...
    • Also know that the American authorities do not really appreciate those who do not like to work and do not have positive recommendations. Again, back to the language. Without his knowledge, you will not be able to find a normal job. So one thing catches the other and it grows.
    • And one more important point. The standard of living in America and Russia differ. Get ready for the fact that from the very beginning you need to have a rather impressive amount of money. Housing, food, taxes, transportation, etc. Be prepared for reality, especially if you are now living with your parents and do not know what an independent life is. Maybe first try in Russia?

    If you have thought about everything and are still confident in your decision, we will proceed to consider how to go to America.

    Go to America: ways

    Business visa

    You can get it if your goal in the US is some business activity. Participation in business conferences, meetings; charity; a trip for the purpose of trade or if you are a representative of your company.

    However, this visa will only allow to go to America. Her main condition, just, is to prove the absence of immigration intentions. But who knows, maybe you can stay.

    To obtain this visa you will need to collect a specific list of documents.

    Work Visa

    Designed for professionals to work in the United States in their field.

    Prerequisite - the presence of education, with a minimum degree - a bachelor, or level of education necessary for your activity. In addition, you must have a theoretical and practical experience.

    To get a visa, of course, you cannot do without your employer, who applies to the Ministry of Labor with a statement about working conditions.

    Remember that the visa will need to be paid. The cost is set by the US Embassy.

    Creating a family

    If you have relatives abroad who send you an invitation, you also have the chance to leave to live in America.

    Perhaps this, and if you marry a foreigner.

    Having a child in America will allow him to get dual citizenship (in the case when one parent is a citizen of Russia and the other is a foreigner).

    Lottery: Green Card

    If other ways to move to America are flying around you, then try to wrap Fortune around you, perhaps you will be lucky. The so-called Green Card will allow you to move to America, not only you, but also your family.However, here, too, things are not so rosy. We have already mentioned that when you move to America you will need a sufficient amount of money to live the first time, the adaptation period and the device. So getting the Green Card is what counts. Proof of own financial solvency is the main criterion for obtaining a card. You will need to provide data on your accounts for (!) Several thousand dollars. Rental housing, meals, travel for at least six months. Well, if you also have an invitation to work, then your chances increase.

    Here is some information on how to go to America.

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