• How to glue the mirror?

    If you do not know how and how to glue a mirror to any surface, then you should definitely read this article. First, let's start with the fact that in everyday life there are many situations associated with the device of the mirror, in which different surfaces can act as the basis for gluing. Therefore, we consider several options that are most often found in life.

    Attention! For gluing the mirror, you can use a special glue for mirrors, which does not spoil the amalgam from the back side. Sometimes craftsmen use liquid nails.

    How to glue the mirror to the wall

    The first step is to prepare the wall surface.

    1. It is trimmed of irregularities.
    2. Primed using deep penetration liquid primer.

    Now the mirror itself is being prepared. On it from the back side several bands of double-sided tape are pasted. They are designed to maintain the mirror until the moment when the glue dries completely. Now you can apply the adhesive itself.The best option is to apply glue around the perimeter and the rest of the area in strips every 15-20 cm.

    Now you can apply a mirror to the wall. It is necessary to support it with something from the bottom edge so that the mirror under its own weight does not move down from the wall. Typically, after half an hour, the backup can be removed, but the glue will finally dry out only in a day.

    How to stick a mirror in the bathroom

    Usually on the walls in the bathroom laid ceramic tiles. You can also glue a mirror on it without any problems. This technology is not much different from the previous one. The only difference is the last stage in which the sealant is used. They all around the perimeter closes the gap between the ceramic wall and the mirror itself. If the mirror has large dimensions, and therefore weight, then to guarantee that it will not fall off at one moment, it is necessary to carry out additional fastening with screws.

    How to glue a mirror to a mirror

    Here, too, nothing complicated. Although still have to work hard. Consider two options for bonding.

    1. Pasting is made by surfaces. This is when there is a need to stick a new mirror on the old one, which is not possible to remove. We act in the same way as in the first two cases.
    2. Two mirrors are glued with ribs to increase the mirror area. This is a complex process requiring high accuracy. If both mirrors are subsequently glued to the wall, it is better to stick them separately, just exposing them to the surface. If the prefabricated structure will be hung, it is necessary to glue both mirrors with faces of the same adhesive composition. Note that this is a very unreliable mount, which is used very rarely.

    How to glue the rearview mirror

    In this case, you will need a special two-component glue, which can be purchased at an auto shop.

    1. First, the installation location on the windshield and the back of the mirror stand are trimmed. All this is usually cleaned from the remnants of the old glue. Then degreasing is performed with alcohol. Be sure the plane is well dried.
    2. The bracket and holder are removed from the mirror to facilitate construction.
    3. Included with the glue comes a special mesh tape. Cut from her blank to the size of the stand mirror.
    4. The workpiece is glued exactly at the place of installation of the mirror.
    5. After that, the glue is applied to the prepared plane of the mirror stand, and all this is attached to the grid with a little pressure.
    6. Hold for about 15 minutes, then remove the adhesive by the edges of the glue and leave it all for a day. Then you can hang the bracket and holder.

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