• How to get to Ustyug?

    Julia Agafonova
    Julia Agafonova
    January 13, 2015
    How to get to Ustyug?

    The Great Ustyug (previously not known as such, but simply called Ustyug) is one of the oldest cities in the north of Russia. Today it is primarily known for its location in its vicinity of the House of Santa Claus. This tourism project began its work on December 25, 1999.The city, in addition to Dedmorozovskoy "shack", contains a lot of churches, cathedrals and monasteries.

    In this article we will tell you how to get there and fly to Ustyug ..

    How to get to the Great Ustyug

    By plane

    There are several ways to get to the city, including by plane. Flights are carried out straight from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their cost can be checked on.

    By train / bus

    If you don’t get in your own car, you have to use a train or bus service to the near Kotlas - there are regular buses and the Yadrich station. From Kotlas already need to book a taxi. From the train station depart buses and taxis.

    Under its own power

    On our own transport from Moscow to Veliky Ustyug through Yaroslavl and Vologda drive about 900 km. From St. Petersburg a little longer - about 1,100 km, passing through Tikhvin and the same Vologda.

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