• How to get to Podolsk?

    Igor Frolov
    Igor Frolov
    January 24, 2015
    How to get to Podolsk?

    Podolsk is a large industrial center of the Moscow region, on the territory of which there are about 60 enterprises and more than 250 private companies. This is the third largest city in the Moscow region. The city stands on the river Pakhra. In the city itself and its surroundings you can find many interesting cultural objects, such as the Church of the Sign of the Sign or the Church of the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “The Sign”, which is famous for its unique architecture and mysterious history.

    In this article we will tell you how to get to Podolsk from Moscow. This is the easiest way, as in Podolsk, as in any other city of regional significance of the Moscow region, there is a very high demand for passenger transportation to the capital.

    Electric train

    Trains to Podolsk depart from the Kursk railway station daily from 5:25 until 1:15 with 15-20 minute breaks. Average journey time is 50 minutes. You can also go to Podolsk by train from the Riga and Belorussky railway stations, but in this case you will have to make a transfer.

    By bus

    Intercity buses run from the metro station Yuzhnaya, and from the stop of Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard.

    The numbers of buses on which you can get to Podolsk:

    • No. 406 - to Yubileynaya Street;
    • No. 406k - to the street. Ac Dollezhala, 19;
    • No. 407 - to Art. Podolsk;
    • №410 - to Kurilovo
    • No. 413 - to Kutuzovskaya Square;
    • №417 - to Dubrovits;
    • № 426 - Area 50 years of October;
    • No. 430 - Fedyukovo 1;
    • No. 432 - St. Lviv;
    • No. 435 - p. Kutuzovo;
    • No. 446 - to Yubileynaya St.;
    • №462 - to Yerino;
    • No. 530 - to Kutuzovo;
    • No. 520 - to the street. Ac Dollezhal;
    • №516 - to Art. Podolsk.

    By car

    For those who have their own car, there is an opportunity to get to Podolsk or by the Moscow Ring Road, through Butovo and Scherbinka, or along the old Warsaw highway. There will probably be more traffic jams on Warsaw highway, but there is no need to turn off anywhere and, moving right after the traffic flow, you will definitely not get lost. The distance that you will need to cover from the center of Moscow is only 38 km, from the Moscow Ring Road to Podolsk - 25 km. Average journey time is one and a half hours.

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