• How to get to Kurgan?

    Sam Gold
    Sam Gold
    January 12, 2015
    How to get to Kurgan?

    The city of Kurgan is located on the Tobol River, mainly on its left bank. Everyone can admire the beauty of the Kurgan nature, but you need to know how to get there. Our article will tell you how to get to Kurgan.

    Kurgan: routes

    Kurgan is located in the Ural Autonomous District. The nearest major city to our destination is Ekaterinburg. We describe the routes from it. To find out how to get to the center of the Ural region, read our article How to get to Ekaterinburg.

    By public transport

    You can go to Kurgan by train. The direct train from Ekaterinburg is organized daily. He departs from the passenger train station at 16:51 (Moscow time) and arrives in Kurgan at 21:48. Travel time is 4 hours and 57 minutes. The earliest train to Kurgan (St. Petersburg - Petropavlovsk) departs at 04:15 and arrives at 22:19. Travel time is 18 hours and 4 minutes. The latest train goes at 21:58.Arrival at Kurgan railway station - at 03:39. Travel time is 5 hours and 41 minutes. Ticket prices will depend on the class of service and flight. It will be from 692 rubles to 2,225 rubles one way for one place.

    You can also get to Kurgan by bus. They begin their movement at 05:20 from the Northern bus station and at 05:52 from the Southern, and finish at 23:02. Travel time is 7 hours and 25 minutes. The cost of one bus ticket will be 610 rubles. Due to the fact that the flight schedule may vary, check it on the website or at the station itself.

    More specifically, where the city of Kurgan is located, you can learn from our article Where the city of Kurgan is located. In addition, on our website you will find useful information about how and by what you can get to a place.

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