• How to get to Gelendzhik train?

    Kate flower
    Kate flower
    October 9, 2014
    How to get to Gelendzhik train?

    Gelendzhik is a popular resort city in the Krasnodar Territory, which is located on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Good weather and beautiful nature - what else is needed for a good rest? Recently, Russian tourists are increasingly choosing rest within their own country. In this regard, let's consider how you can get to the resort town of Gelendzhik.

    By train

    In our country, the train is the most popular form of public transport for long-haul traffic, so the question of how to take the train to Gelendzhik is certainly popular. When buying tickets you will not find the flight Moscow-Gelendzhik on the site. Unfortunately, there is no train station in the resort town, so you have to get to Anapa, and then take a local bus to the town. Flights you can take to Anapa:

    • "Moscow - Anapa";
    • "St. Petersburg - Anapa";
    • "Murmansk - Anapa".

    Also in 30 kilometers from Gelendzhik is Novorossiysk, where there is also a railway station.Flights you can take to Novorossiysk:

    • "Moscow - Novorossiysk";
    • "St. Petersburg - Novorossiysk".

    The stations where trains depart from, as well as the time and cost of tickets you can see on the website yourself, since this information is constantly updated.

    By plane

    Although there is no railway station in Gelendzhik, it has an airport. In our country, several companies fly to Gelendzhik (almost all from Moscow):

    • Aeroflot;
    • Gazpromavia;
    • UTair;
    • Airline Kuban.

    If you decide to fly an airplane, check the prices, compare them and choose the best flight for you. On average, from Moscow to Gelendzhik flight lasts about two hours.

    Private car

    If you choose a trip by personal transport, do not forget to make a detailed route with stopping places in advance and make sure that you have gasoline and a good mood. On average, the road, if you leave Moscow, with short stops, will take you about 20 hours, since the length of the route is 1,515 kilometers. To reach by car you will not be difficult, go along the highway M 4 "Don" and do not forget to buy the exact map. On the way, you can have a snack or stop for the night.Study in advance the route, hotels and prices for them to calculate the costs.

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