• How to get to Altufevo?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    December 25, 2014
    How to get to Altufevo?

    "Altufevo" is a fairly busy station of the Moscow metro, the final station of the gray branch, located close to the Dmitrovsky, Northern and Dolgoprudny districts.

    In this article we will tell you how and by what you can get to this station.


    The station "Altufyevo" is located on the gray line of the metro, or rather, as we said above, is the final one, and therefore even from the center you have to go to your destination for a long time, but the metro will still be much faster than on ground transportation through all traffic jams of the city .

    If you are at the ring station, you need to get on it to the station "Novoslobodskaya", go to the "Mendeleev" and take the train to "Altufevo".

    If you are on other branches, you first need to get to the ring, and then make a transfer, although in some cases you can transfer to another branch.

    A special service can help you choose the best route, which evaluates all possible options for arriving at a place and indicates the approximate time that will be required on the road.For example, from "Mendeleevskaya" to "Altufevo" can be reached in about 20 minutes, but from the end of any other branch to "Altufevo" - about an hour.

    Ground transportation

    Through "Altufyevo" trolley buses №73 and 80, 16 are followed by bus routes (92, 98, 259, 273, 284, 302, 303, 401, 401, 456, 519, 601, 644, 685, 705, 774, 815, 836 ) and 17 minibuses (15 m, 79 m, 152 m, 270, 271, 359 m, 373 m, 392 m, 435 m, 459, 571 m, 601 m, 685 m, 728 m, 734 m, 748 m, 777 m, 759 m), running through various districts of the city. Find out intermediate stops can be through.

    By car

    You can take a taxi to "Altufevo", but this, of course, will be more expensive than moving by metro and ground transport. You can also get on your own car. The station is located on Altufevskoe highway, for a reference point, the navigator can be given the address: Altufevskoe highway, d.86, bld.1 - the address is the “Areal” shopping center.

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